Become a Mentor or Mentee


(If you would like to be BOTH a mentor AND a mentee, submit two forms: one for each.)

The ITEEA Peer Mentoring Taskforce is seeking individuals who are willing to serve as mentors to new ITEEA Members as well as those who feel they would benefit as mentees. The mentoring program will allow current and future ITTEA Members to grow and learn through the mentoring process and help them become key professionals working to make a difference. Mentors and mentees will assist one another and the profession at large by becoming involved in the larger picture of education. The activities and experiences will serve to help our members to become better teachers, keep up on current trends locally, nationally, and globally and help members become stronger leaders in the profession.

In order to ensure that we have a strong group of mentors, a list of criteria has been developed by the taskforce, and refined during an informational session held at the ITEEA Conference at the National Harbor in 2016.

Criteria for Mentors
Desired characteristics for potential Peer Mentors must have:

  1. a minimum of five years classroom experience
  2. maintained membership with their states affiliate organization (or other affiliate organization)
  3. maintained a regular ITEEA membership
  4. a desire to help other ITEEA members and be able to set aside time to coach them on a as needed basis as agreed upon by the mentor and mentee
  5. a willingness to commit to at least one year to the mentoring program and their mentee(s)

The methods of interaction and time investment for the mentors and mentees will very likely vary as every person and situation will not be identical. There are many aspects of the program that the mentors and mentees will be asked to discuss with one another to tailor each mentor/mentee relationship in such a way to make it the best experience possible for all involved. There is, however, a list of potential tasks that has been developed in order to give potential mentors an idea of what they may do as part of their commitment to the program.

Potential Tasks

  1. Maintain regular communication through phone calls or some form of electronic communication.
  2. Keep a log/record of communications to aid in further developing the mentoring program.
  3. Involvement in quarterly online discussions using some form of electronic group discussion where all mentors and mentees can converse on a variety of planned topics or open forums.
  4. Take the opportunity to help to train future mentor and mentees at ITEEA Conferences
  5. Provide feedback on the program in order to help further develop and strengthen the program.

We are looking for mentors from across the organization to serve as our initial team of mentors. Once these individuals have been identified, materials will be forwarded to them to assist them in customizing their unique “mentorship” program. We are also seeking individuals who are interested in being mentored. Those individuals will also receive materials to aid in the process.


         Terrie Rust, DTE
         ITEEA Peer Mentoring Taskforce

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