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Lauren Beal EbD State Consortium Director Superior of STEM
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Engineering byDesign is available in Pennsylvania through a partnership between IU13, TEEAP, Millersville University, and California University of PA.  Access to the Standard Edition (PDFs) of EbD curriculum is available at no cost to individuals who meet one or more of the following criteria: 1) Member of TEEAP, 2) Students attending a college or university that is a PA-EbD partner (must be a current student), or 3) Participants who attend EbD professional development at an intermediate unit that is a PA-EbD partner.  Access to the Media Rich Edition and online assessments through EbD Buzz and professional development at the PA-EbD STEM Institute is limited to schools that complete a Network School Agreement and pay an annual fee.  For more information, please contact Curt Funkhouser, PA-EbD State Consortium Director at or (717) 947-1422.