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The Engineering byDesignTM curriculum is accessible to classroom teachers in the Consortium States in one of two ways:  

  • Because you teach in an EbD Consortium State, the Standard Edition is available for teachers in your state to download from your Consortium State page. This content is comprised of a downloadable version of the most recent revision of each course. Users must be logged in and request access from the State Consortium Director in order to see the EbD Resources content. There will be a button stating “request access” on your page in the top right. You must press that button to get access into your states resources found on the tabs that populate proceeding your request access.
  • The EbD-BUZZ version, also known as the MRe or MediaRich Edition, is available on a yearly subscription basis and is delivered via our learning management system, EbD-BUZZ. The EbD-BUZZ version of each course provides real-time online access to all course updates and additional interactive media, as well as the online pre- and post- assessments. Teachers using EbD-BUZZ are required to administer the online pre and post assessments provided in each middle and high school course. 

Once you have decided . . .

The Standard Edition is available via your Consortium page here – Users must be logged in and request access from the State Consortium Director in order to see the EbD Resources content.

If you’d like full access to online content and assessments available with the EbD-BUZZ version, simply complete and submit the CONSORTIUM NETWORK AGREEMENT FORM to and course access will be set up within 3-5 business days.


EbD-BUZZ  Resources:

ITEEA Elementary STEM Group Membership:

ITEEA Middle & High School Integrative STEM Group Membership Information:


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  • Autodesk Education Community for EbD™ Teachers


    Schools, teachers, and students can access Autodesk software for free from Autodesk’s Education Community. This resource provides how-to videos that walk you through the downloading and use processes, the curriculum, and system requirements.

  • Created07/28/2017

    This resource provides you with an overview of the Engineering byDesign™ StandardEdition™ (SE™) curriculum and information concerning your eligibility for free access. Also included are step-by-step instructions for requesting access to the curriculum and downloading your selected courses.

  • 559KB
    Consortium State Network Agreement

    Complete the Consortium State Network Agreement to access our online learning management system, EbD-BUZZ™, for the MediaRichedition™ (MRe™) course guides. The MRe™ also provides online pre/post assessments to measure student learning and a dashboard to access real-time data. The EbD™ Network now includes over 1000 participating schools and over 2000 teachers worldwide. Course access in EbD-BUZZ is granted annually for the term of July 1 - June 30 and automatically renews each fiscal year for existing EbD-BUZZ teachers who have administered pre/post assessments.

    Resource Added02/21/2017