Steven Barbato
Steven A. Barbato
Senior Fellow ITEEA
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Steve Barbato is currently the Executive Director/CEO for the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA). Steve was recently an administrator for the Lower Merion School District and served in the capacity of Director of Elementary Education, as well as Science and Technology Education Supervisor. Steve earned his administrative supervisory certification and Masters Degree from Millersville University in 1985 and B.S. undergraduate degree in 1979. His teaching experience includes ten years as a technology teacher at the middle and high school levels at Warwick School District in Lititz, Pennsylvania.

He then served as a Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Supervisor at the Department of Education in Delaware from 1989 through 1994 and was given additional responsibilities as the Technology Team Leader while with the State Department of Education. After his tenure at the Delaware Department of Education, he became Vice President of Educational Research and Development at Applied Educational Systems (AES), Inc. This position afforded an opportunity to work with hundreds of school districts throughout the country to update and deliver the best possible educational programs, K-12. Steve has researched and produced many useful and teacher-friendly science and technology lessons and activities for school programs at all educational levels while in the classroom, State Department positions, and as a District administrator (Formerly Science and Technology Education Supervisor and Director of Curriculum/Elementary Education from 2001-2012).

He has demonstrated how to integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics curriculum for schools in many regions throughout Pennsylvania, Delaware, and many other states. He has served as President of the Technology and Engineering Educators Association of Pennsylvania (2007-08), National Technology Student Association Board of Directors (1990-92), Chairperson of the TSA National Advisory Council, and is active in numerous professional associations at the local, regional, state, and national levels.

While with the Department of Education, he directed the development of a technology education K-12 curriculum standards guide, a state task force to revise middle-level certification and staff development, a statewide Literacy and Technology Portfolio Assessment Program, a Multicultural Education implementation guide for technology, and coordinated federal funding to local school districts for technology implementation.

Steve is the author of a chapter in ITEEA's Council for Technology Teacher Education (CTETE) 1997 annual yearbook on design and technology at the elementary level. ITEEA recognized Steve as the 1994 Outstanding State Supervisor and has previously recognized him with the Laureate Citation in Epsilon Pi Tau (ITEEA's honors fraternity). In April of 1996, Steve received the educational leadership award from the Children's Council of ITEEA. In 2008 he received the ITEEA Special Recognition Award. Steve has also written and implemented a technology design and engineering teacher program at the post-secondary level for Wilmington University and has taught at the undergraduate and graduate levels.