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The following statements encompass why the College of Engineering at Montana State University exists (Mission) and what role we seek for ourselves (Vision) as we fulfill our purpose.


The College of Engineering at Montana State University will serve the State of Montana and the nation by

fostering lifelong learning
integrating learning and discovery
developing and sharing technical expertise
empowering students to be tomorrow's leaders


The College of Engineering at Montana State University will be an outstanding collaborative community that achieves excellence in learning, innovation, discovery, and knowledge transfer. To realize this vision, the college will

Leverage shared interests and talents among faculty and students in order to create knowledge across disciplinary lines.
Effectively and efficiently balance breadth with depth in undergraduate education in order to prepare students for the global workforce.
Be a leader in innovation and discovery in our identified focus areas.
Successfully integrate research and innovation into the learning experience of both undergraduate and graduate students.
Be recognized for the level of knowledge transfer to industry, governments, and citizens in the state of Montana.