Matthew Jones
Matthew D Jones
Purdue University 155 South Grant St West Lafayette IN 47907 US Phone(765) 496-2383
I like to build up people and optimize organizations, ideas, brands, and people performance. I am trained as an educator in technology and engineering settings with a focus to harness creativity and produce innovation. I care, most of all, about people. Our organizations are made up of networks of teams and groups that are broken down into partnerships and individuals. I want to help individuals, teams, and organizations communicate, cooperate, and collaborate creatively and strategically to achieve their goals. I work as a researcher and educator to help organizational and team leaders gain a new perspective about the problems they face. I seek to help them find a new mindset where they can better assist their people to unleash their full potential. If you look at a network, I am a spanner, a bridge. I bring together a combination of disciplines, such as strategy, organizational psychology, creativity, and innovation to understanding how people work better together in teams--such as how they can be more creative, overcome conflict, and make effective use of the available cognitive diversity.