STEMinar Advertising


ITEEA’s highly popular professional learning STEMinars (webinars) focus on technology and engineering education best practices in STEM Education. Topics focus on proven instructional strategies and ideas that support delivery of the best possible I-STEM Ed instructional processes and practices.

Hosted approximately twice a month, ITEEA STEMinars are the perfect opportunity to get in front of a proactive, engaged and targeted audience—your ideal market.

Content – The timely content developed for STEMinars offers organizations a unique opportunity to showcase their products and services.

Messaging – Sponsor gets moderator acknowledgment and promotional message remarks in the opening.

Shelf Life – Sponsor logo and marks go on STEMinar landing pages, which are archived indefinitely and can be linked to in future promotions.

Leads – Sponsor receives contact information for all participants for each sponsored STEMinar.

Reach – The logo is incorporated into email promotions—which are sent to 60,000 contacts multiple times leading up to the event.

Branding – A sponsor “Ad” is incorporated into a STEMinar slide during closing remarks.

Email – A follow-up survey and link to the recording are sent to all participants and will include sponsor acknowledgement and link to a designated page