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Teacher Appreciation Week Special Offers from ITEEA and Kelvin

May 31, 2017

Dear STEM Educator,

Technology and Engineering Teachers are AMAZING, they’re INCREDIBLE, they...DESERVE APPRECIATION! ITEEA would like to show T&E teachers some LOVE during Teacher Appreciation Week with the following special offers exclusively for you from our friends at Kelvin! These offers are good through May 31st!

KELVIN® Original Kel-Air™ Air-Powered Dragster Launcher 
No need for expensive CO2 cartridges! This is the Original and the Best!  KELVIN® Kel-Air™ Air-Powered Dragster Launcher (does not include compressor or model vehicles. View pressure reading with your compressor display). 
GET $50 OFF using coupon code - 50OFF. Coupon expires 5/31/17.  #840814, $245, NOW $195 with coupon. CLICK HERE 

KELVIN® Kel-Air™ Electronic Air-Powered 
Dragster Launcher with ClassView™ Timer 
GET $500 OFF using coupon code - 500OFF. Coupon expires 5/31/17.  #841564, $2,295, NOW $1,795 with coupon. CLICK HERE

Kel-Air™ Air-Powered Bulk Pack with Pre-Drilled Blanks 
10 in. L wood blanks with pre-drilled axle holes & air input holes (3 in. deep). Also includes wheels, axles, straw, screweyes and washers.  Get $25 OFF using coupon code - 25OFF. Coupon expires 5/31/17.   #842380, $175, New Low Price $160, $135 with coupon ($2.70 ea.) CLICK HERE

NEW! KELVIN® ECONOMY Kel-Air™ Air-Powered Dragster Racing Track 
Ideal for Kel-Air™ dragsters. Track is 24 ft. total L (3 sections) and 12 in. W.  Does not include Kel-Air ™ Launcher or dragsters.  #842429, $250 + $150 Shipping, $400 total. CLICK HERE

KELVIN® Original Paper Rockets™ 
These adjustable angle launch pads can launch 
paper rockets up to 175 feet using your compressed air. 

Single Launcher, #840868, $295, NOW $245 CLICK HERE 

Dual Launcher. #841045, $375, NOW $325 CLICK HERE

KELVIN® Pre-Printed Paper Rockets™ Bulk???Pack 
Cut out pre-printed rocket body tube pattern and decorate as you want.  8-1/2 x 11 in. sheets in 5 different colors, 500 sheets. Requires glue.  #420406, $49.95, NOW $39.95 CLICK HERE

KELVIN® Original Foam Cutters 
Lowest Price Anywhere on Comparative Product

Students/teacher assemble this affordable foam cutter. Pre-cut, bent and drilled metal and plastic comes with screws and power supply. Assembly required.  #842428, $59.95 CLICK HERE

Now comes assembled and ready to operate with starter kit of 5 assorted foam blocks.  #841982, $89.95, NOW $69.95 CLICK HERE 

 - Do not touch the hot wire during operation to avoid burns. Teacher supervision required.

NEW LOW PRICE - Original KELVIN® Krasher™ 
Design safety restraints (like bumpers and air bags) that keep an egg intact in a student-built vehicle after an impact of up to 35 mph. Includes 5 ft. launch track, giant elastic band propulsion system and manual with vehicle plans. #840672, $395, NEW LOW PRICE $295 + $50 Shipping. CLICK HERE 

KELVIN® Krasher™ Vehicle Bulk Pack 
Design and assemble your own safety car. Includes:???axles, wheels, small balloons, bubble wrap, rubber bands, pre-printed Car-dboard™, pins and wood sticks. Requires hand tools.
#840971, Bulk Pack for 10, As Low As $4.99 Per Kit,  $49.95. CLICK HERE


Buy $75 of Balsa Wood and Get a FREE KELVIN® Original StiKutter™ 
Use coupon code - FREESK - make sure #990198 is in your cart.  #990198, $9.95. NOW FREE. Coupon expires 5/31/17. 

For Balsa Wood CLICK HERE 
For StiKutter® CLICK HERE

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