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Photos from PATT International 34 (New Photos Added!)

July 12, 2017

ITEEA is thrilled to be part of PATT International 34 in Philadelphia! We are looking forward to a global array of presenters throughout the week.

The theme is focused on "fostering the Creativity of Youth Around the Globe"!


Photos from Monday, July 10, 2017

News - July17 - PATT1

News - July17 - PATT2

News - July17 - PATT3

News - July17 - PATT4

News - July17 - PATT5

News - July17 - PATT6



Photos from Tuesday, July 11, 2017

News - July17 - PATT7

PATT founder, Dr. Marc deVries (The Netherlands) opened the presentations by giving an exciting and interesting perspective on "PATT and the Amish: Values in Technology and Engineering Education." 

News - July17 - PATT8

Dr. Greg Strimel of Purdue University presents "A Critical Examination of Engineering Design Processes and Procedures."

News - July17 - PATT9

News - July17 - PATT10

Australian approaches to learning in technology and engineering education classes from a feminist perspective. Vicki Knopke (AU)

News - July17 - PATT11

Dr. Joseph McCade is hard at work behind the scenes to that all presentations work correctly.

News - July17 - PATT12

Dr. Sharon Brusic presents on ISTEM for Teachers of Young Students.

News - July17 - PATT13

ISTEM Education: what makes the difference for students when learning istem?

News - July17 - PATT14

John Williams -Australia. "Education Student Perspectives and Primary Teacher Preparedness to Teach Design and Technology."  

News - July17 - PATT15

News - July17 - PATT16

News - July17 - PATT17

News - July17 - PATT18

News - July17 - PATT19

News - July17 - PATT20

News - July17 - PATT21

news - July17 - PATT22