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ITEEA Member Shows Students How Computer Science is Utilized in Real-World Applications

October 22, 2018

By Phil Smith

A group of students from Edgewood Middle School are attending events at the Michiana Event Center in Shipshewana this week to receive a valuable, hands-on education in a variety of subjects.

“I was able to take 10 students from my Computer Science for Innovators & Makers course to help with the Masquerade of the Horse in Shipshewana,” said teacher Abbi Richcreek. “The CSIM course is a new course that we are teaching at Edgewood Middle School. I felt that this would be a great learning opportunity for my students.”

Richcreek said the students traveled to the event on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Oct. 16-18 and will be returning during the weekend.

“The students are witnessing how computer science is utilized in a real-world application,” Richcreek said. “I believe these are valuable experiences that will show the student how these skills are applied. While there, the students have developed a skit for Rowdy, our Nao humanoid robot, to perform during the pre-show of the production.”

Richcreek’s students were excited for the experience.

“My experience has been amazing,” said Roxane Malagon. “All the people I worked with were very kind and helpful. This is one opportunity I’m glad I took, because I have learned a lot about not only what goes into putting on a show, but equipment and trials it takes to make everything show-worthy.”

Milana Whitaker agreed, saying “the whole experience was really fun and I’m glad we get to do it.”

The same enthusiasm was shared by student Savannah Schuman. “This experience was amazing,” she said. “Not only did I learn about the tech behind the show, but I had so much fun while doing it.”

The Masquerade of the Horse features world-class talent that includes Dan James who has been featured on Australia’s Got Talent, former stars from Dixie Stampede, Barnum & Bailey Circus, Cavalia, premier sweethearts of the top rodeos in the country, along with other performing artists. In addition, the event featured highflying aerial acts, death-defying tricks and roman riding, world-class liberty reining and other rodeo specialty acts.

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