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Learn About the Sea Air and Land Challenge

November 15, 2018

The Sea Air and Land Challenge, nicknamed the SeAL Challenge, is an Office of Naval Research Sponsored STEM initiative for high school-aged students.  In this program, teams of students learn about the engineering process by creating robotic systems that will be used to compete in challenges which mimic missions encountered by the military, national security agencies and first responders. Now in its seventh year, the SeAL Challenge provides students the opportunity to tackle a tough engineering task while in high school, and gives them the opportunity to learn about the tremendous technical careers available in or supporting the Department of Defense and the Armed Forces.  It also helps school administrators and educators implement a successful STEM program even given resource, time or budget constraints.

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The students work during the (usually spring) semester, in either classes or as part of after school groups, to design and develop robotic systems that can run on land, under water or in the air.  Each team of 3-10 students and their educator is paired with an industry or university mentor to guide them through the design and build process.  On the Challenge Day, the teams of students come together to compete. 

What sets this Challenge apart from other robotic competitions is that this program is free to the schools or clubs (there is no fee for the curriculum or the program material and we show the students how to raise the $500 maximum allowed for the Challenge), the robotic systems are open sourced allowing the freedom to innovate, and the program is supported by Navy SEALs and Special Operation Forces who are passionate about showcasing exciting careers and technical challenges to high school students. 

Eight Challenges were held past (school) year in Pennsylvania, eastern Ohio, Indiana and Virginia and involved over 600 students from 46 schools and clubs.  If you would like to learn more about the Challenge planned for this 2018-2019 school year or would like to start a region of your own, please visit our website at or email or call 724-295-7000 x7135.