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NEWS RELEASE: ITEEA Releases Survey to Gather Feedback for Possible Standards Rewrite


November 27, 2018

Reston, VA, USA, November 27, 2018 —


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ITEEA Releases Survey to Gather Feedback for Possible Standards Rewrite


RESTON, VA, NOVEMBER 27, 2018In anticipation of a much needed and timely revision of its Standards for Technological Literacy (STL) document, ITEEA will disseminate a survey during the week of November 26 to determine what needs to be incorporated into an updated document. The survey will be sent to U.S. and international technology and engineering teachers, administrators, university professors, and business and industry leaders. A leadership team, under the direction of ITEEA and its Council for Technology and Engineering Teacher Education (CTETE) will review these important survey results before any actual rewrite. 

ITEEA [then ITEA] first published STL in 2000. The authors recognized that technologies and human knowledge were changing at an exponential rate and that technology and engineering literacy was essential in a globally connected, technologically driven society. Almost two decades ago STL accurately identified what a technologically literate student should know and be able to do. However, the technologically designed world and the knowledge required to be productive in it continues to evolve. It is for these reasons that a revision of STL is necessary.

Educational leaders realize that what students should know and be able to do is different from what was required in the past. Revising education course content and the way students practice it is necessary, particularly for subject matter like technology and engineering, which evolves rapidly.

PreK-12 Technology and engineering programs prepare students with the knowledge, practice, and experiences to become technologically literate. However, the full potential of technology and engineering programs can only be realized if the current Standards for Technological Literacy document is revised to identify challenges and issues unknown to the drafters of the original 2000 document.

To request a link to the survey, contact More information regarding this important initiative will be released as it becomes available.  


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