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Upcoming STEM CTL Webinar - How To Develop Computational Thinkers

December 10, 2018



ITEEA's specially designed professional development webinar series focuses on Technology and Engineering Education best practices for leading Integrative STEM Education (I-STEM Education) in your school.

How To Develop Computational Thinkers

 December 11, 2018 at 4:00pm EST

Presenter: Jorge Valenzuela, Educational Coach at Lifelong Learning Defined, Inc.

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Computational thinking (CT) is a higher-order problem-solving and cross-curricular skill. As CT is understandable to both machines and humans, in this session Technology and Engineering educators will learn to draw on familiar concepts that connect their previous learning to foundational computer science (CS) practices that involve designing solutions that leverage the power of computing. Join this webinar with educational coach Jorge Valenzuela. Jorge will share authentic examples (both in EbD and other curricula), best practices, and resources for helping any educator get started with mastering CT.

Jorge Valenzuela, Educational Coach at Lifelong Learning Defined, Inc.

Jorge is both a graduate teaching assistant and doctoral student at Old Dominion University. Additionally, he is a national faculty of the Buck Institute for Education.

His work is aimed at helping educators understand and implement computational thinking, computer science, Engineering by Design (STEM/STEAM), and project-based learning.

Currently, Jorge presents nationally on these topics, is an ISTE author, an education advocate, and frequent contributor to books, academic journals, how-to blogs, and webinars.

Also, Jorge is the 2018 awardee of ISTE’s Computer Science Excellence Award and recipient of the Lynn Barrier Engineering Leadership Award for his contributions to STEM education in the Commonwealth of Virginia.



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