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White House Releases Five-Year STEM Education Plan

December 07, 2018

This week, the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy released a five-year STEM Education Plan.

Jeff Weld, STEM Ed Policy Advisor for the White House, commented, "The American STEM education community has spoken with one voice in shaping the Federal STEM Education Five-Year Strategic Plan for 2018 to 2023 (and beyond). Consensus goals and pathways help everyone row the STEM boat in the same direction, assuring that the coming decade of our Nation’s STEM movement will be maximally impactful and culturally transformative.” ITEEA is fortunate to have Dr. Jeff Weld as one of its keynote speakers to share his thoughts on how this new plan helps support our global initiatives through an emphasis on the engagement of all students to excel in STEM Education. Learn more about Jeff Weld's upcoming keynote address at

Regarding implementation, each federal agency engaged in STEM education is expected to develop its implementation plans over the next few months, and the administration welcomes all stakeholders to engage with them to discuss implementation strategies and ideas that contribute to the plan’s execution.

It is imperative to demonstrate to all how technological and engineering literacy is the catalyst in delivering content through the practices of Integrative STEM Education.

Read the full plan at STEM-Education-Strategic-Plan-2018.pdf 

Read the press release at competition-stem-talent/

Read the fact sheet at donald-j-trump-is-working-to-ensure-all-americans-have- access-to-stem-education/