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Thomas Edison Invention Challenge and Pitch Contest! Register for FREE Now!

January 24, 2019


It's time for the 9th annual Thomas Edison Invention Challenge and Pitch Contest. Over the past eight years, probably several thousand middle school and high school students across the nation have taken the challenge, competing for top honors. Some have told us how much this challenge affected their career choice to enter careers in the sciences and engineering. Think about participating in this intense 90-day experience and gain the kinds of skills you will use on the job for a lifetime.

We will be accepting teams of up to 4 students (3 teams per school permitted) with 1 teacher mentor who will receive a $300 stipend upon contest completion.

This exciting and successful program is a chance for students all over the country to show us their inventive talent, and ability to sell their ideas in a very entrepreneurial fashion. Many student teams enter this competitive challenge every year, with three ranking teams each in the middle and high school divisions finally competing for top honors at the legendary Thomas Edison National Historical Park in West Orange, NJ. 

Here are some benefits to participating in the Edison Pitch Contest:

  • Learn about STEM in a fun way!
  • Pitch your invention to a panel of judges who are real-life scientists & entrepreneurs.
  • Work on a team with friends to win the grand prize – a 3D printer for your school!

To register: Registration and participation in this contest is completely free! Complete the registration form and submit a 3-5 minute video about Thomas Edison and what you plan to invent based on materials provided. Learn more about the video submission requirements here.

Once registered (form & video submitted), students will receive their chosen maker kit (Alternative Energy, Mechanical Engineering, OR Biomedical Engineering) and have no more than 90 days to complete their project! 

“There is a little bit of Edison in all of us. Don’t be afraid to unleash it!”