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Did You Know? ITEEA Membership Includes Comprehensive Insurance Benefits!

February 04, 2019

ITEEA members are eligible for favorable group pricing, specialized coverages, and association discounts on insurance protection from leading carriers. Plans are provided through the Trust for Insuring Educators (TIE), of which ITEEA is a member.

No-Cost Insurance Available to New Members

As a new member of ITEEA, you’re entitled to receive $40,000 of group term life insurance for two years at no cost to you!

This 24-month life insurance benefit, underwritten by New York Life Insurance Company, is fully paid for you by the Trust for Insuring Educators. Acceptance is guaranteed for new members age 18 to 57, and there are no health questions to answer.

Your coverage is renewable after the initial two years at the regular association group rates upon your authorization and payment of the renewal premium. Full details are available on the enrollment website.

This valuable new-member benefit is available for a limited time only, so please complete your online enrollment without delay.

Professional Liability
•   Professional liability insurance for W-2 employed educators; $1 million or $2 million coverage option.
•   Student professional liability insurance; $1 million in coverage – only $25 a year!
•   Private practice professional liability insurance; coverage options up to $1 million per occurrence / $3 million aggregate.

Home & Auto
•  GEICO auto / motorcycle insurance
•  Homeowners / renters / condominium insurance
•  Umbrella liability insurance

Life Insurance
•   Group term life insurance plans from New York Life Insurance Company
•   Accidental death & dismemberment
•   Disability income protection

Health Plans
•  Dental insurance
•   Long-term care insurance
•   Individual and group health insurance plans through the American Health Insurance Exchange (AHiX) – featuring public and private coverage options
•   Cancer insurance
•   International travel / medical plans

Become an ITEEA Member to become eligible to receive this No-Cost Insurance for ITEEA Members Only. Call 703-860-2100 for more information.