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Proven, Easy to Implement STEM Program – STEMgineering Academy

May 31, 2019

Proven, Easy to Implement STEM Program – STEMgineering Academy

STEMgineering Academy is an easy to implement, high impact STEM program designed to drive STEM equity and engagement with middle schoolers in out-of-school-time programs.  After five years of optimization with 2000+ kids at Boys & Girls Clubs, Hofstra University Center for STEM Research is making this proven program available to all.
The program’s focus is on fun, hands-on activities where kids learn through designing, building and evaluating.  The Engineering Design Process is the scaffolding for each 75-minute activity and encourages design thinking.  By repeatedly using the engineering design process kids deepen their knowledge of the process and are exposed to different STEM concepts and careers.  With challenges like building a hovercraft, designing a rocket or formulating the winning lemonade, STEMgineering Academy is perfect for afterschool, summer camps, clubs, libraries etc.  While it is not intended for the classroom, it aligns with the Standards for Technological Literacy and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) and there has been interest in using it in classrooms.  

Activities are done in teams to promote collaboration and socialization.  Facilitators select from 22 activities and tailor their program e.g. season, duration, interests.  Activity examples:

  • Splash Down! – kids design and play a game using squirting water from pressurized containers – an outdoor activity for a warm day!
  • Prosthetic Challenge – kids design and build a prosthetic leg to specification using household materials
  • Is all Slime Engineered Equally? – kids make, test and then design a new test for polymer properties of their slime
  • Geometric Mobile Design – kids create a mobile by balancing shapes/sizes and learning about fulcrums.  A great STEAM activity leveraging spatial reasoning.

STEMgineering Academy leverages the best of educational technology and all content is delivered to kids and facilitators online.  Kids use tablets/computers to learn about and follow the process for the hands-on activities. Preparation is flexible with video and text guides available any time online and has been proven successful.  Supplies for the activities are inexpensive and accessible.  Simply view/buy supplies online from the hot-linked spreadsheet or buy locally.  To view an activity visit or for more information contact