STEM is Elementary Newsletter - July 2019

July 01, 2019

Happy July! Find out about elementary STEM articles, events, resources and more in this issue.



Elementary STEM Resources Room at the Ohio State Fair’s 2019 Technology and Engineering Showcase 
Ohio Technology and Engineering Educators Association (OTEEA)
Ohio State Fair, Wednesday, July 24 – Sunday, August 4, 2019
Youth Center / Lausche Building
Just stop in, or call to make a reservation for a free
consultation session around your questions about 
how to organize select, implement, and be successful
teaching through elementary STEM experiences and
hands-on activities.
The Ohio Technology and Engineering Educators Association
is pleased to announce that Bob Claymier, nationally recognized
champion of elementary STEM experiences for all students will
be available to parents, teachers, school administrators to provide
free STEM consulting sessions linked to your needs and interests.
OTEEA Showcase - Elementary STEM Resource Room Schedule:
The Resource Room display is open 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
each day of the 12-day State Fair. Bob Claymier will be 
available to talk with you on the days and times listed below.


    1) Wed July 24, 9 AM to 3PM
    2) Thurs July 25, 1PM to 7 PM
    3) Fri July 26, 9 AM to 4 PM
    4) Sat July 26, 9 AM to 4 PM
    5) Sun July 27, noon to 4 PM
    6) Mon July 28, 9 AM to 2:30 PM
    7) Tues July 29, 8 AM to 2:30 PM
    8) Wed July 30, 9 AM to 3:00 PM
    9)Thurs Aug 1, 1 Pm to 7 PM
   10)  Fri Aug 2, 9 AM to 4 PM
   11) Sat Aug 3, 9 AM to 4 PM
   12) Sun Aug 4, noon to 4 PM
To learn more about the potential of integrated STEM experiences and
how to be successful engaging elementary grade students contact:

   Bob Claymier
   STEM is Elementary
   248 N. Franklin St.
   Delaware, OH 43015


Free Book: 100 + STEM Activities Lesson Idea Starter Book

Regular ITEEA contributor and author of the long-time "Classroom Challenge" feature in Technology and Engineering Teacher, Harry Roman, has released a new publication titled "100+ Activities to Bring STEM to Life for Classrooms and Student Project Teams." As a retired engineer and inventor, Harry likes teaching teachers, students, and school leaders about STEM and its applicability.

To support the important work of ITEEA's Foundation, Harry is providing his newest publication to be downloaded at no cost to all - but asks that anyone who downloads consider making a donation to the ITEEA Foundation.

The ITEEA Foundation is in the middle of its 2019 Capital Campaign, with a goal of raising $250,000, which will allow it to continue providing much needed support to current and future educators, as well as to those in our communities who are in need of assistance. Without the continued support of generous donors like you, these needs will regrettably go unmet.

ITEEA’s Foundation is depending on your assistance and generosity. Please enjoy these activities and donate today to pledge your support. Be assured that your contribution will be put to good use to support tomorrow’s problem solvers today!


Fourteen schools joined the Ohio STEM Learning Network today as they received our recommendation for designation and the official award from the Ohio STEM Committee. Designation recognizes a school’s holistic approach to STEM learning as more than just science, technology, engineering and math.

These schools showed exceptional proof of engagement across academic disciplines, of empowering students as creative problem-solvers, and of a school-wide commitment to a quality STEM education for all students.

Meet the newest members of the Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN):

1.Bigelow Hill Intermediate (Findlay City Schools)

2.Chase STEMM Academy (Toledo Public Schools)

3.Chillicothe Primary School (Chillicothe City School District)

4.East Canton High School (Osnaburg Local School District)

5.Franklin Elementary School (Wadsworth City Schools)

6.Gearity Professional Development School (Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District)

7.Herbert Mills STEM Elementary (Reynoldsburg City Schools)

8.John Marshall IT (Cleveland Metropolitan School District)

9.Northeast Ohio IMPACT Academy (Campbell City Schools) – with conditions

10.St. Angela Merici Parish School (Cleveland Catholic)

11.St. Mary School-Vermillion (Toledo Catholic)

12.St. Paul School (Columbus Catholic)

13.Waterville Primary (Anthony Wayne Local Schools)

14.Winchester Trail Elementary School (Canal Winchester Local Schools)

You can read more about the designation process in releases-detail/new-stem-schools-designated-in-ohio


NASA Opportunities for Educators

Don't miss out on opportunities available from NASA. Click on the category links on the NASA page that best fits your situation and be sure to check pages often for new additions.
Grades K-4
Grades 5-8
Grades 9-12
Higher Education
Informal Education
Pre-Service Educators index.html


Paper Circuit Starter Kit w/ Ebook (Classroom Pack)
FREE SHIPPING - Our paper circuit starter kit has enough material for 10 students or projects.  This kit also includes our 185 page project e-book (PDF download). Book has 45 projects. 3d8gROJEwTMS7U I&b=qAGmpxrstmhSNoBREStSSQ

Arduino Starter Kit w/ Ebook (Includes Arduino Uno)
FREE SHIPPING - Arduino Starter Kit contains the materials needed to complete the projects in our book "Arduino For Beginners".  This bundle includes project e-book, Arduino UNO R3 board, breadboard & more. 3d8gROJEwTMS7U I&b=uWWmy80cXmIbzblbhQ4juQ

(scroll to the bottom of the page)


Northwest Ohio’s STEM in the Park
September 28, 2019
9:30 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Perry Field House
Bowling Green State University
Northwest Ohio’s STEM in the Park offers hands-on, family-friendly science, technology, engineering, and mathematics activities, displays and/or equipment at a number of STEM Activity Stations arranged in an open, festival-like atmosphere. We invite you to select an activity or interactive display to bring to the event. In 2018, over 5,680 people including some 1,500+ children attended STEM in the Park with their parents, grandparents, teachers and neighbors. STEM in the Park is a highly visible and unique opportunity for businesses, universities, colleges, and non-profit organizations to increase awareness and showcase regional STEM opportunities, careers and innovation across northwest Ohio. 
NWO's STEM in the Park provides:

·An eight foot table    


·Two chairs 

·Free lunch for all of your station staff & volunteers

·Additional space or tables for large displays/activities is available

·Your company, college, department, or campus organization name will be featured on our website and in some larger marketing materials for this event

·Formatting of an At-Home Activity digital resource to post on our website

GREEN for 2019: STEM in the Park is staying green this year and will not be printing Take-Home Activity Cards for each station. We will be creating a digital link to all At-Home Activities to extend learning from the event. The At-Home Activities will include the same information as in the past but will simply be digital vs. printed.
Exhibitor provides:

·Hands-on activity plus materials for attendees to complete the activity

·The text for a STEM in the Park At-Home Activity (see example, if desired)

·Take-Home brochures and marketing material featuring your company, department, college or campus organization (if desired)   

Registration: 1FAIpQLSctnnpwhXuGsXei4YZF BnDxCzh6FdftTSp5kWZnVb_eVygGAw/ viewform
Contact Jenna Pollock at NWO (
Dr. Emilio Duran (, School of Teaching and Learning


Totally Thrilling Science Comic Book

These ten 10-minute hands-on science activities guarantee fun at club meetings and other gatherings. Presented in a vintage comic book format, the activities are engaging, easy to implement, and appropriate for all ages. Teen leaders and non-science adults can lead them! Materials are likely to be on hand or are readily available at grocery stores or other retail locations. Take the starch out of club meetings by adding fun activities to your agenda! Click here to preview. 10_Min_Science/TTScience_Comic_LowRes pages 1-5.pdf
Order your classroom or club set of 25 here. set-of-25/


What is Informal Science?

Informal science education (ISE) is lifelong learning in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) that takes place across a multitude of designed settings and experiences outside of the formal classroom.
People of all ages learn science in an increasingly wide variety of ways. Formal schooling is only one part of a larger ecosystem of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) learning that also occurs throughout one’s lifetime. When we talk about the field of informal science, or STEM, education, we are referring to experiences and settings that are being designed, implemented and assessed by a community of dedicated, trained practitioners. This can include film and broadcast media, science centers and museums, zoos and aquariums, botanical gardens and nature centers; cyberlearning and gaming; public science events; youth, community, and out-of-school time programs; and a growing variety of learning environments.



Silly Science Sunday 2019
September 15th

This annual event is when OH WOW! spills out onto the streets of downtown Youngstown to offer more  hands-on, interactive STEM  displays, exhibits, and stage shows! Thanks to our  Event Sponsors, we expect more than 5,000 people & robots will take part in this FREE day of exploration & experimentation!

·All ages

·Cost: Free


Want to be Part of this WOWtastic Event?

·Become An Exhibitor– Apply online (full payment required)

·Bring Your Food Truck– Apply online (full payment required)

·Become a Sponsor

·Join the Planning Committee

·Volunteer at the Event

For other payment options or for questions please contact


Looking back at the OSLN Battelle 2019 Student Solutions Showcase

On May 8th, we got to welcome ninety students from 25 schools to our home at Battelle. Students told us all about their ideas for eliminating hunger and solving other major issues with Ohioans’ access to food.

Today, it’s time to share some of the great photos and video from the event. Below, you’ll find a short video with footage from the event.
We’ve also published an album of 135 photos from the event. Spot students or teachers from your school in these photos? Please tag that school in the photos to help others find their photo.
And while our students and teachers take a well deserved break, our team is hard at work securing the topic and partners for our 2020 Ohio Design Challenge. Be sure to subscribe at to hear about the announcement of that topic. solutions-showcase


How arts-based lessons improve science performance

Integrating the arts into science lessons helps the lowest-performing students retain more content, and doesn't require much funding to do.
In a randomized control trial across 16 schools, fifth-grade classes were assigned to either an arts-integrated or a control condition. During a chemistry lesson, for example, students in the control group read about different states of matter and completed a worksheet.

Students in arts-integrated instruction were split into groups to use their bodies to depict how solids, liquids and gases move. For science vocabulary lessons, the control students wrote out definitions while the arts-integrated learners drew them.

When tested 15 days after instruction, there were no differences between groups. However, 10 weeks later, the lowest-performing students in the integrated classes remembered significantly more content than their peers in the control classes.

“Rather than being a victim of school reform, we suggest that the arts can be a driver,” says Mariale Hardiman, study author and director of the Neuro-Education Initiative at the Johns Hopkins School of Education in Maryland. “If we can begin to close the gap for children who are at the lower levels of achievement because they are learning through the arts, that’s something leaders and policymakers need to know.


NSTA publications

Membership in NSTA delivers all the best professional learning and resources a science educator needs. You'll be rewarded with renewed confidence and competence in your teaching, a vast network of colleagues online and face-to-face upon which to rely, as well as saving time and money as you advance your teaching career

Science and the STEM Classroom is NSTA's monthly content e-newsletter; three issues each month are developed for teachers/administrators at the elementary, middle level, and high school/college levels. Science and the STEM Classroom highlights important issues in science education—such as the integration of STEM, science literacy, and the Next Generation Science Standards—and provides readers with a combination of NSTA's rich, educator-vetted resources that will supplement and enhance teacher content knowledge and illustrate best practices. aspx


Franklin Soil and Water Conservation District

Franklin (County, Ohio) Soil and Water’s Environmental Education Team provides interactive presentations to students in both formal and non-formal settings. This is a great education resource for teachers, school classes and youth groups on the conservation, protection and improvement of soil and water resources in Franklin County. All of the programs have been correlated with Ohio’s New Learning Standards for Earth and Space Sciences and Life Sciences. The topics included are soils, water and watersheds, and human impact on the environment. Our programs include models, simulations, activities and/or literature connections

Soil and Water Information for Teachers (SWIFT)
The latest SWIFT newsletter contains important dates and events including information on the

·2019 Summer Events to check out

·Programs and Opportunities for students

·Upcoming Educator Events and Teacher Workshops

·Recap of our 2019 Poster Contest Winners

·Introduction to our New Environmental Education Assistant 2-Summer.pdf


The Secret to Success in Elementary STEM Teaching (Start Engineering)

At the center of a large network of groups working to address the STEM teacher shortage is 100Kin10, a group that formed at the end of the Obama Administration to catalyze efforts to train 100,000 more STEM teachers over a 10-year period. The group’s experiences with this teacher-training project have yielded the happy by-product of deep insights into why the STEM teacher shortage exists and ideas on measures to fix it.

Among the seven “Grand Challenges” that 100Kin10 identifies as key to solving the STEM teacher shortage, “elementary STEM” stands out as especially vexing. At exactly the stage of schooling when the “lost Einsteins” are most receptive to STEM learning, their teachers are least equipped to deliver it. If elementary school teachers, in large numbers, brought passion and knowledge about STEM education to the classroom, the demographics of STEM in higher ed and the workforce would look much different, as would the technologies we live with.

The elementary STEM teacher challenge has three main elements:

·Pre-service training

·Professional development opportunities

·Teachers’ anxiety about STEM subjects

Each of these elements requires different approaches to solve, but they are all tractable. Implementation, more than discovery, of the solutions is the hard part.
To read more about the problem and possible solutions to elementary STEM implementation, go to in-elementary-stem-education?e=194e0da3eb


Here you will find a variety of tools, including lessons and activities by grade level and subject, to boost your students’ math and science skills, enliven the classroom with engineering projects, expand your own professional horizons and stay informed. Subscribe to a newsletter with updated features that will arrive in your in-box every month. 6/6/the-secret-to-success-in-elementary-stem-education


Engineering – Go For It Newsletter

This month’s Engineering – Go For It newsletter has some engineering lessons and activities to complement the soccer world cup competition in June. Teachers+Newsletter+June+2019&utm_campaign=eGFI+ Teachers +June+2019&utm_medium=email


Wood County (OH) Manufacturing Camp: Learn how things are made!

·Daily field trips to local manufacturing plants

·Hands-on learning activities

·Team building exercises

WHO: Maximum 30 students. First come, first enrolled

WHEN: Monday-Thursday, July 15 - 18, 8:00am - 3:00pm
Friday, July 19, 8:00am - 12:00pm

WHERE: Day starts and ends at the Wood County Educational Service Center (1867 Research Drive, Bowling Green, Ohio)

HOW MUCH: $60 per student (includes snack, lunch, transportation
to and from sites, camp materials, and t-shirt)
Scholarships are available to students eligible for free/reduced lunch
This exciting and innovative camp recognizes the valuable role that American manufacturing plays in building and maintaining our economy. The camp is designed for children ages 11-14 to see firsthand how things are made. It will include field trips to local manufacturers and a day at PENTA Career Center! aspx



Redleaf Publications on STEM and STEAM

I have several books from this great publishing company on STEM and STEAM for early childhood.


Ohio Energy Project light and sound activities for 5th grade


NWO STEM newsletter

The Northwest Ohio STEM hub in Bowling Green State University publishes an informative, activity-filled (and free!) newsletter every month.

To subscribe, go to and scroll to the lower right side of the page to join the mailing list.

To read back issues, go to

For a great list of activities, go to html


Presentation Proposals are now being accepted for

the 35th Annual Women in STEM program!  

The goal of the Women in STEM program at BGSU is to provide a rewarding experience for 6th - 8th grade girls that connects STEM education to the real world and sparks an interest in pursuing STEM majors in college and ultimately STEM careers 

Women in STEM provides young women with a positive experience at BGSU and offers them a variety of engaging hands-on activities that allows them the opportunity to learn and interact with a wide variety of successful STEM role models.

The day will begin with a keynote presentation followed by breakout sessions that provide hands-on, fun-filled, critical thinking/learning activities. Women in STEM will help young women recognize the wide array of options available in STEM fields, inspiring them to take classes in the STEM fields throughout their educational careers.   

There will be groups of approximately 15 -20 girls with adult supervision in each break-out session. Sessions should include innovative and creative hands-on activities that are fun-filled and engaging. We would like to foster a collaborative growth-minded atmosphere in the breakout sessions that gives students opportunities to interact with one another and YOU as a STEM academic/career role model.  

We rely on the support of our presenters and volunteers like you in order to continue to provide this unique experience for this age group of girls. We are thrilled to host the 35th annual Women in STEM program at BGSU and look forward to your participation!
We invite submission of proposals for presentations at the 2019 Women in STEM on Wednesday, October 30th at Bowling Green State University. 

We provide classroom and/or lab space, AV equipment and support.  

Please click the link below to apply to be a presenter.

Registration Deadline: October 1, 2019    
You will be notified of your presentation acceptance
to present by October 6, 2019.


Invention League is an inclusive, educational, non-profit organization.  As an organization we offer the Invention Convention Program to students K-12.  Additionally, the Invention League offers year-long educational support, Inventor Experiences and the Invention and Entrepreneurship State Final Competition to students, schools and districts at no cost to the families or districts.  Along with providing professional development for educators, Invention League has built a community of dedicated like-minded heroes who support the belief that the better we educate our youth and the more opportunities we provide them to learn and implement STEAM skills the better all of our lives will become.

The Invention League team is looking forward to seeing you in July.  Our appreciation for your continued support of our program cannot be expressed enough.  We are still in need of many volunteers and judges for the July 28th event.  We would greatly appreciate it if you could help pass the word along.  Below are the links to the judge and volunteer registration.  Thank you!!!


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Also, please contact me if you or your district are interested in professional development.

Bob Claymier