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Access Success! Go Back to School on the right track with ITEEA!

August 27, 2019

ITEEA has the resources to help make this school year your best ever!


Access Success!

Go Back to School on the right track with ITEEA!

Heading back into the classroom can be daunting - but ITEEA is here to help you set your sights high for success in and out of the classroom all year long!

Check out these opportunities from ITEEA, created specifically for STEM educators:


ITEEA's 2019 REACH Challenge

ITEEA’s Reach Challenge is an impactful design-thinking project for middle school, high school, and college students, showcasing ITEEA's mission hat Technology and Engineering Bring STEM to Life!

Students will use their STEM skills to REACH a member of their community who has a challenge to overcome, and design a solution to help. Projects can then be submitted to ITEEA for an opportunity to earn awards and grant opportunities for your school!

With an Educators Toolkit, filled with lesson plans and activities, this innovative challenge shows students how they can use their STEM skills to make a difference in the lives of those around them. Learn more!


ITEEA's Global Design Challenge for Elementary Students

Working with their teachers, elementary STEM students from around the world will work in small design teams to solve the GDC outlined below. As students attempt to solve the GDC, the elementary classroom teacher will document the process with a simple journal or portfolio that describes the problem-solving process, the products developed, results of product market testing, as well as the final product pitch presentations. Find out more! 


Integrative STEM Education Best Practices STEMinar Series

This specially designed professional development STEMinar series focuses on Technology and Engineering Education best practices for leading Integrative STEM Education (I-STEM Ed) in your state, district, school, or institution. The goal of each online STEMinar is to provide proven instructional strategies and ideas that you can use to support your efforts in delivering the best possible I-STEM Ed instructional processes and practices for ALL students to become technologically and engineering literate! Learn more about ITEEA's STEMinar series.


ITEEA Awards and Scholarships

ITEEA created its awards program to raise awareness of and exposure to the outstanding work being done in technology and engineering education. Award and scholarship opportunities exist for educators at all levels, undergraduate and graduate students, and programs at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.



ITEEA's STEM School of Excellence Recognition Program

ITEEA has created the STEM School of Excellence Program to annually recognize outstanding schools for their commitment to providing robust Integrative STEM Education programs. By providing information regarding qualifying activities, your school can receive the recognition it has earned as a leader in STEM Education.


ITEEA's STEM Showcase: Bringing Teachers and Ideas Together

The ITEEA STEM Showcase is an exhibition of best practices in the teaching of technology and engineering education. The Showcase provides a forum for STEM educators from all backgrounds to feature an idea, technique, or best practice related to learning activities, marketing materials, career guidance, facility design, program design, assessment methods, equity, or classroom and laboratory management techniques. Learn more/apply.


These are just a few of the opportunities

created by ITEEA to help you

bring STEM to Life for ALL of your students.

Learn more about ITEEA today!