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Call for Nominations for CTETE Awards

November 21, 2019

It is that time of year again to begin thinking about nominations for awards given as part of the 2020 Annual CTETE Awards and Recognition. The Research & Scholarship Committee of the CTETE is announcing the following requests for proposals (RFPs – see below).

  1. Silvius/Wolansky Award
  2. Outstanding Research Award

Please consider either nominating a colleague or yourself for one of the two CTETE awards listed above. Completing the RFP will not take long. If there are no submissions or no one meets the criteria for the awards, no award will be granted. In light of that, please consider submitting a nomination.

Deadline: Nominations/Proposals for the 2020 awards listed above should be submitted electronically no later than December 31, 2019.

Thank you for your consideration of these awards. We look forward to receiving your proposals in the coming months.

2020 Silvius-Wolansky Award 
Outstanding Scholarly Publication in Technology and Engineering Education 

The Silvius-Wolansky Award for the Outstanding Scholarly Publication in Technology and Engineering Education is co-sponsored by the G. Harold Silvius Foundation and the Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education (CTETE). The award is presented annually by the CTETE to an author (or co-authors) whose scholarship has enhanced the Technology and Engineering Education profession. 

Criteria for Eligibility 

  1. The manuscript being nominated should make a significant contribution to Technology and Engineering Education in one or more areas such as research, curriculum development, teaching methodology, etc.
  2. The scholarly work must be an article, research report, chapter, monograph, or book published within the two calendar years preceding the nomination deadline. Edited works, for example those that involve one or more editors and several or more authors (such as CTETE Yearbooks and special theme issues of journals), shall not be eligible for this award.
  3. The nominee(s) must have held membership in CTETE for at least the two years prior to the administration of the award, and must have a record of professional involvement in Technology and Engineering Education. In the case of works involving multiple authors, at least one of the authors must meet these criteria. For such jointly authored works, all authors shall be nominated as a group.
  4. The individual(s) must be nominated by a person in Technology and Engineering Education. Self-nominations are also welcomed and encouraged.
  5. An individual may receive the award no more than once in any five-year period.
Procedures for Nomination and Selection of the Award Recipient 
  1. The nominee shall email the following materials by December 31, 2019 to: Dr. Fred Figliano ( at Troy University 
    • One copy (MS Word or PDF format) of the publication being nominated (Note: If the publication is available online, provide the URL in lieu of sending a digital copy).
    • A rationale (one page max) that addresses the significance of the publication.
  2. A sub-committee of the CTETE Research and Scholarship (R&S) Committee will make the selection. The Silvius-Wolansky Award is available on an annual basis, though will not be awarded should submissions not be deemed worthy of the award following review by the R&S Committee members.
  3. Publications nominated for this award will be judged by the following criteria:
  • Originality of the contribution
  • Quality of the contribution
  • Content and clarity of purpose
  • Organization and presentation
  • Potential impact on the profession‚Äč

4. The recipient of the award will be notified before the annual conference of the ITEEA, where the award will be presented. The recipient will be responsible for his or her own costs for attending the ITEEA Conference, including registration.

2020 CTETE Outstanding Research Award 

The Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education (CTETE) sponsors an annual award for outstanding scholarly research in the field of Technology and Engineering Teacher Education. This award is presented to a member or members of the CTETE who have provided significant service to the profession through research and related scholarship in the preparation of Technology and Engineering Education teachers or enhancement of professional practice in technology education. The CTETE Outstanding Research Award will consist of a framed award certificate and a monetary award of $500. Recipients of the award are asked to submit a manuscript of their work to the Journal of Technology Education


Candidates for the Outstanding Research Award may nominate themselves or be nominated by someone else. The application process consists of an initial screening by the CTETE Research & Scholarship Committee based on a brief abstract, followed by a peer review of papers submitted by selected finalists. The CTETE Outstanding Research Award is available on an annual basis, but will not be awarded should submissions not be deemed worthy of the award after being reviewed by the Research & Scholarship Committee members. 


  1. Complete the Outstanding Research Award nomination form beginning on the second page of this document. This document is also available from the CTETE web site or can be requested from the chairperson of the CTETE Research & Scholarship Committee. Persons conducting nominated research projects must be members of the CTETE.
  2. Attach an electronic copy of the 1,200-word abstract or draft manuscript of the scholarly work to be considered. This should include statements of the title, significance, problem, research methods, findings, conclusions, and recommendations. For research not yet completed, anticipated findings, conclusions, and recommendations can be suggested, but the focus should be on the planned design of the research.
  3. The required nomination form and abstract or draft manuscript must be submitted ELECTRONICALLY to the Chair of the CTETE Research & Scholarship Committee. These materials must be received by December 31, 2019.
  4. Based on review of the nomination forms and abstracts or draft manuscripts, up to three finalists will be selected for further consideration to receive the Outstanding Research Award. Finalists will be asked to submit finalized papers reporting the results of their research to the Research & Scholarship Committee.
  5. Finalists will be invited to present the results of their research at a CTETE Research & Scholarship Committee sponsored session during the ITEEA conference. The Outstanding Research Award will be presented to the selected recipient during the CTETE Business Meeting at the ITEEA conference.
PROPOSAL EVALUATION CRITERIA: (Ratings on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being high) 

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Dr. Fred Figliano via  
Chair, CTETE Research & Scholarship Committee College of Education, 308 Hawkins Hall 
Troy University, Alabama (334) 808-6509