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Looking for a Complete Professional Development Experience in 2020?

October 08, 2019

Take advantage of an ITEEA preconference workshop!




Looking for a Complete Professional Development Experience in 2020? 

Consider an ITEEA Preconference Workshop!


Part of creating a top-notch professional development experience for technology and engineering educators includes providing the opportunity for specially designed preconference workshops that delve more deeply into specialized topics. Workshops being offered on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at ITEEA’s 82nd Annual Conference include:


Design Thinking Crash Course (1-4pm)

This workshop will immerse you in human-centered design-thinking strategies through active learning. We will engage, experience, reflect, and discuss transferring design-thinking strategies to your classroom. Be ready for observations, interviews, “Point of View” statements, composite character profiles, and maybe, dancing. Participants will receive an exclusive sneak peek at ITEEA's REACH Challenge. Monday-morning-ready approved.


Literacy Through the Lens of Technology: Librarians Supporting Literacy Through STEM Programs (1-4pm)

Librarians support print, media, and digital literacies, and now STEM has been added to the list. This three-hour workshop is designed for librarians who would like to collaborate with STEM educators in their building, district, and state.


Implementing Coding and Microcontrollers Through Hands-On STEM Applications (1-4pm)

Hosted by TeacherGeek®. Increasing students’ ability to think computationally has become a nationwide initiative. Additionally, preparing students to design and think innovatively so they are better prepared for critical-shortage STEM careers has also been a focus. How can both of these initiatives be addressed to prepare a more technologically and engineering literate society? One solution is through cost-effective microcontrollers integrated within hands-on, content-rich STEM design challenges! Learn various ways to code the microcontrollers sold by TeacherGeek® and how to integrate them with TeacherGeek’s® fabrication materials to teach various science, engineering, and math concepts. The microcontrollers and TeacherGeek® materials are extremely user friendly, and this presentation will focus on applications for upper elementary through middle school settings (Grades 3-7). Correlating lesson plans, worksheets, and other standards-based instructional resources will be provided. Each participant will receive a microcontroller and TeacherGeek® fabrication materials. No prior coding or fabrication experience is required.


STEM in Elementary: Implementing a STEM Program in Elementary School (4-7pm)

Facilitated by award-winning elementary STEM professionals, this session will engage participants in discussing and designing school and classroom-tested strategies to engage students in STEM, integrate STEM into the school, and build school, home, and community connections through hands-on STEM-based activities. Participants will leave with strategies and at least one activity they can use to implement STEM in their classrooms.


Join us at the beautiful Inner Harbor area of Baltimore for ITEEA's 82nd Annual Conference on March 11-14, 2020. The 2020 conference theme focuses on how "Technology and Engineering Bring STEM to Life" for all children PreK-12 and beyond. Students who study technology and engineering through an Integrative STEM Education approach learn about the technological world that inventors, engineers, and other innovators have created. This conference promotes sharing best practices demonstrating how TECHNOLOGY AND ENGINEERING BRING STEM TO LIFE.


Conference information is posted as it becomes available. Please check back.






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