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EbD Curricula to be Focus of Graduate Course at SUNY Oswego

November 21, 2019

ITEEA and the STEM Center for Teaching and Learning™ proudly announces that Engineering byDesign™ curricula will be the focus of a virtual graduate course in spring 2020 offered through State University of New York at Oswego (SUNY Oswego or Oswego State) by adjunct professor Ryan Novitski, also an EbD National Teacher Effectiveness Coach.


TED 500 – Instructional Development for Technology and Engineering Education
Department of Technology – School of Education
State University of New York at Oswego


Course Description:

Education in the 21st century is continuously being innovated, changed, and designed in a way to best meet the needs of all students. It is imperative that educators have the expertise, knowledge, and know-how of this most current pedagogy. This is to embrace the cultural diversity spectrum, reach the needs of all students, and understand how to work collectively with all stakeholders, community members, and businesses to best serve all students. 

In the Instructional Development for Technology and Engineering Education TED 500 Graduate Level course, candidates will study the most current principles, procedures, and trends in the development Technology and Engineering Curriculum - Engineering by Design. This theory and practice will be demonstrated as it pertains to Technology and Engineering Education curriculum in a hands-on, webinar, and face-to-face hybrid environment. Candidates will have the opportunity to receive authentic experiences in teaching in a K-12 setting via developing, implementing, and understanding current Technology and Engineering Curricula - Engineering by Design. Candidates will understand the importance of embracing outside associations to strengthen one’s craft. Candidates will understand the importance of growing Technology and Engineering Education as a whole beyond the classroom. Candidates will develop an understanding of the observation process for educators. Meeting the needs of diverse learner experiences and cultures will be addressed.

Students will collaboratively work together in a webinar-based classroom as well as face-to-face laboratory experiences. Students will develop, and innovate educational practices in developing curricula to meet the needs of culturally diverse populations while understanding the most current, and up to date curricula utilized internationally.

This course will be delivered primarily through the online Blackboard interface. Although all sessions will be recorded, it will be mandatory to attend any/all sessions. Groups will be assigned, and will be required to find a means to communicate amidst one another collaboratively in order to reach the overarching objective within the class. Time during the course will be delegated specifically for group work while the instructor remains online for assisting with any questions as needed.


Course Enrollment Directions

If you are not currently a SUNY Oswego graduate student, please go to the following page:

There is an “APPLY NOW” link on the page. You will need to set up a graduate admissions account.  You will be applying as a non-degree student, and will need to provide copies of your undergraduate transcript (unofficial copies are acceptable).  There is a $15.00 application fee.

Once you are accepted, you can log into MyOswego at:

You will register for TED 500 – WS: Instructional Development for TEE.  CRN 14250.

Course cost with fees:

NYS Residents    $1559.31
Out-of-state:      $3035.31

Registration opens for non-matriculated students on November 24, 2019.  Accounts can be set up prior to that date for enrollment.

For Graduate Admissions questions, contact:

Graduate Admissions

For course information, contact:

Mark W. Hardy, Chair, Department of Technology

Ryan S. Novitski, Adjunct Professor, Department of Technology