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December 05, 2019


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The Technology Assessment Design Handbook offers both GAO’s own staff and other interested users tools and approaches to think about when designing technology assessments. The handbook helps users analyze the impact of technology and make complex issues more easily understood and useful to policymakers.

The handbook outlines:

what to think about when designing assessments

what to think about when including policy options in assessments

examples of design and methodology

potential challenges and some ways to address them

We expect to update the handbook based on public comments and additional experiences. Send comments to

According to ITEEA President-Elect, Dr. Phil, Reed, "a report from the federal government is important since the Office of Technology Assessment was closed in 1995. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is one way I stay abreast of federal education, technology, science, and economic activity. There are over 30 topics the GAO uses to classify reports and testimonies to Congress so I subscribed to receive releases on key topics related to technology and engineering education.See:"

Below is another GAO release of interest. If you go to the linked page below and select the “highlights” tab, it explains how the GAO is expanding its science and technology products and services.

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