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ITEEA Announces Open Access to IdeaGarden Forum

January 23, 2020


ITEEA Announces Open Access to IdeaGarden Forum


Effective immediately, ITEEA's IdeaGarden forum is open to all registered website users.

IdeaGarden is a popular educator-to-educator resource for those wanting to know more about teaching Technology and Engineering Education for all students through an Integrative STEM Education approach. This online sharing of information is an optimal way to highlight your best practices in delivering Technology and Engineering Education. The professionals in our membership will be adding their expertise and responses to the questions posted in this area.

How to Join:

  1. Login (or create account)
  2. Go to
  3. Click "Join Group"

After clicking "Join Group" you will instantly be subscribed to this community of outstanding technology and engineering teachers who field questions, offer ideas and resources, and network with other IdeaGarden members. Follow and respond to discussion threads, add new posts, and receive a notice to your email box each time a new post appears. See detailed instructions here.

Thank you for being part of the conversation!


P.S. - Be sure to join ITEEA for its 82nd Annual Conference in Baltimore, March 11-14, 2020. The theme for ITEEA's 82nd Annual Conference is: "Technological and Engineering Literacy for All!"

Providing access and equity for all PreK-12 students to become technologically and engineering literate through high-quality STEM instruction is imperative. Students who study technology and engineering through an integrative STEM education approach learn about the technological world that inventors, engineers, and other innovators have created. The goal is to produce students with a more conceptual understanding of technology and engineering and its place in society. These students must conceptualize and evaluate new technologies that they may have never seen. By “doing and making,” students become “makers” for the future.