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STEM is Elementary Newsletter - March 2020

March 02, 2020


USA Science & Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C. - its 10th anniversary year!
The nation's largest STEM festival!
April 25-26, 2020


LETSGO-OH created the Summer Symposium for school districts who use Apple products within their classrooms. The Summer Symposium is designed to give teachers, coaches, and technical support staff ideas and strategies to strengthen instructional practices, IT strategies, and leadership roles of the attendees.

This year’s symposium will be on June 16 @ Hilliard Memorial Middle School from 8:00-4:00 Memorial Middle School in Hilliard 2900 Walker Rd, Hilliard, OH 43026  

8 contact hours will be awarded for full day attendance. A light breakfast and lunch will be included and provided by vendor sponsors.    

The event is completely FREE

2020 Timeline  

February 1 - March 15 - Accepting proposals for staff to present. Proposals may be submitted under an Instructional Track or a Technical Track.  Sessions should be 50 minutes long and include active learning experiences.

Click below to submit your application to present or to register for the event.


I have been working with Jim Foster of Buckeye Custom Supply for a number of years when I need to locate those hard-to-find STEM resources I need for classroom projects and professional development workshops. Jim has custom science and math kits that are compatible with many publishers’ science programs, and can also fill a customized STEM list that will match your specific needs.
Jim runs a local business in Hilliard, OH. He is prompt, complete, easy to deal with and very competively priced. Contact Jim for your STEM needs at, 614-600-7979 or visit his website at


LittleBits is known the world over for their electronic building blocks. These magnetic “Bits” snap together to turn ideas into inventions, transforming the way kids learn so they can grow up to be tomorrow’s changemakers
Their Classroom page has everything you need to get the most out of your kits. Find lesson plans, educator guides, troubleshooting tips, customizable handouts and more.


Buckeye Space Launch Initiative (The Ohio State University)

·Mission: To launch high powered rockets and foster the growth of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds in pursuit of reaching space.

·Our Team: The Buckeye Space Launch Initiative (BSLI) is an interdisciplinary organization of ambitious students with a shared vision of student-led spaceflight.

·Get Involved: No Experience? No problem. Anyone interested in joining BSLI can do so, all we ask is that you are willing to learn and work alongside your peers in an effort to achieve something great. Check out the projects pages for more info. For new members, in addition to getting on the email list, we recommend checking out the many different systems included in each rocket. This will help narrow your interests!


The Ohio State University Mobile Design Lab

Coding and digital skills are on the move across Ohio.

The Mobile Design Lab is a unique space that makes it possible for all Ohio State students and faculty to build comprehensive digital skills through coding education, app development experts, community projects and state of the art technology available in the lab.
In addition to serving all Ohio State campuses, the Mobile Design Lab will provide outreach to K-12 schools, the larger Ohio community and extended campus partners. The lab is free and open to all skill levels.
Bring the mobile design lab to your school or event! Find out more at lab/booking-mobile-design-lab


Game U Summer Camps (Dublin, OH)

We provide quality niche instruction from Game Professionals to help students from ages 6 to 17 learn useful skills while relating to something they are passionate about. Designed by game industry veterans from LucasArts, Microsoft, Sony, EA, and Activision, Game-U’s summer camp curriculum gives kids a fun, inspiring, hands-on learning experience! Camps include game design, robotics, 3D modeling, VR design, programming, sound design, animation and more.
 Expert Instructors

·4:1 Teacher Student Ratio

·100% Satisfaction Guarantee

·Hands-on Projects

·Ages 6-17

·First Aid & CPR/EpiPen

·Food Allergen Aware

·Peanut Free


See3D (Cincinnati, OH)
See3D organizes the printing and distribution of 3D printed models for people who are blind. Anyone who is blind/has low vision, or is a parent or teacher of someone who is blind, can make a request for a model.
Through touch, people who are blind can have a better understanding of what an object looks like. Common requests are for maps, buildings, snowflakes, molecules, animals and automobiles. 3D printing does not just benefit those who are blind, it benefits everyone because handling a tactile model opens opportunities to discover something new things that may not have been as noticeable in a picture, or verbal description.
Our mission is to connect people who are blind and sighted through 3D printing, so all can gain new perspectives. Our programs also include spreading awareness on the importance accessible materials, including braille. Our models frequently include braille labels and descriptions, so people who are blind can explore and understand their model independently.


Tech Corps (Columbus, OH)

We believe ALL K-12 students should have access to high-quality computer science learning experiences. Computer science is not about learning how to use a computer, or even just programming. Computer science is about deeper learning – computational thinking, problem solving and creativity. We believe studying computer science, regardless of a student’s ultimate occupation, provides the knowledge and practices necessary to be ready for college or career.

Techie Camp is a full day, week-long program designed to engage elementary and middle school students in hands-on, interactive STEM-related activities. Students take a deep dive into subject matter focused on Robotics, Programming, Android App Development, 3D Printing or Web Development and emerge with skills that are useful in today’s’ classroom and tomorrow’s workplace.

Techie Club includes hands-on, interactive lessons and activities tied directly to national Computer Science standards for elementary (3rd-5th grades) and middle school (6th -8th grade) students. The lessons focus on a variety of computing topics, promote 21st-century skills and provide students with an awareness of technology and tech-related careers.

Techie Workshops are designed to promote awareness and hands-on activities that encourage creative problem solving, teamwork and creativity, students explore topics such as Robotics, Programming, Android App Development or 3D Printing.

Learn more at

The Teaching & Learning Collaborative and TECH CORPS is holding a #CutOut4CS professional development workshop for March 5 and 7 at 200 E. Wilson Bridge Road, Worthington Ohio. The workshop will focus on the integration of computational thinking and computer science for Grades 3-4. Participants will receive lessons and resources to use in their classrooms to engage students. Learn how to integrate computer science into content areas. One semester of graduate credit (optional) is available at an additional cost.
For more information or to register, call 614.265.9800 or contact


Teaching and Learning Collaborative Sidekick Lesson Database
Sidekick is a resource for TLC participants and classroom teachers.  As we implement professional development sessions, we want to be sure you have resources to use in the classroom.  Sidekick is a database of lessons and resources for grades K-8 that you can use in the classroom, share with colleagues or use for grade level conversations.


BRIGHT START RIGHT START® is an intensive program developed to help early childhood educators implement engaging learning experiences in which young learners explore science in their world.  Created in 2004 during a collaborative partnership between American Electric Power and TLC, over 200 early childhood educators have now attended the Bright Start Right Start course.   This multi-day summer program provides hands-on experiences and activities that early childhood educators can use in their classroom to fuel a child’s fascination and wonder, and help develop a foundation for later success in K-12 science learning. right-start.html


Whether your child is a music lover, budding coder, or aspiring mathematician, Osmo has the right games to inspire your child.
How Osmo works

1.Put your device in a compatible Osmo Base with the red reflector over the device’s camera.

2.Play with physical game pieces — draw, code, spell, and more.

3.Osmo scans the table and your child’s creations come alive on the screen!


Westerville (OH) Public Library Innovation Lab

Bring your ideas to life with hands-on learning and digital creation in the Innovation Lab. The lab includes a variety of hardware, software, and accessories intended for creative, education, or practical purposes.
Example Projects

·Record a podcast or song.

·Create a video game.

·Print a poster or résumé.

·Make a virtual tour.

·Create a prototype.

·Edit a photo or video.

·Explore augmented reality or virtual reality.

·Create an app.

·Scan a document.

·Design a product label.

·Print a 3D object.

·...and more!

Open to anyone 18 or over with a Westerville library card (which can be issued to anyone in Central Ohio)


Nurcs (Westerville, OH)

Congratulations! You are about to be one of the first people to purchase Nurcs! By hitting Add To Cart, you are preordering one of the very first Nurcs kits to hit the market.  During this limited time, Nurcs is offering the Nurcs Starter Bag 500 at 20% off.
This kit includes:
• 300+ Nurcs Connectors
• 200+ Nurcs Craft Sticks
• Nurcs Cotton Drawstring Starter Bag
• Build Inspiration
Great for ages 6+!
They expect to ship product in May of 2020, but your preorder today helps them move even faster.



WOUB Lending Library (Southeast Ohio)
About Our Library
Using the trusted and valued educational resources of WOUB Public Media and PBS, the WOUB Learning Lab wants to empower teachers to use 21st century learning tools and media in their classrooms that are proven to impact student success.
What We Have to Offer
Teachers can check out educational technology resources from the Learning Lab and integrate them into their classrooms. Representatives from WOUB Learning Lab are also available to answer any questions teachers might have to make sure teachers and students have a positive experience with the technology. WOUB Learning Lab is a go-to resource for high-quality educational advancement support.

How to Request Items
If you are interested in borrowing an item, simply create an account and request it.  We will see your request and contact you about how to get the materials to you and how and when to return them.  Remember that we are still available to to do "class take overs" where we conduct lessons with the technology together with you and your students.  We can then leave the materials for a week or few weeks for you to explore further with your classes.


PBSKids Apps and More
Visit for apps, albums, episodes, e-books, and more!
Some apps of particular interest related to STEM:
Measure Up: Children ages 3 to 5 learn early math concepts focused on length, width, capacity, and weight while going on an adventure through Treetop City, Magma Peak, and Crystal Caves.
Sid’s Science Fair engages players (ages 3 to 6) in experiential learning with core science and math concepts from classification and identifying patterns to charting and sequencing.
Jet’s Bot Builder: Design and build a robot and travel through space with Jet and friends. Build new parts to help you get through obstacles as you go from Earth to the moon to Mars and beyond. Each planet has a new challenge for your robot. Kids can build new parts and swap them around to find the best way to solve each level, learning critical thinking and problem-solving skills as they do.
Play and Learn Science: Play with shadows, control the weather, roll and slide objects down a ramp, choose the best materials for an umbrella – all while building science inquiry skills and learning core science concepts.
Ready, Jet, Go: Space Scouts. Kids will become the Ultimate Space Scout by designing, building and engineering with 5 STEM focused games and badges.
Design and engineer rovers on the Moon, build a mission controller and guide a spaceship through the solar system, problem solve ways to grow vegetables on Mars- play these games and more to earn all your Space Scout badges along with characters from the PBS KIDS series, Ready Jet Go!
Plum’s Creaturizer: Go on a nature adventure with Plum's Creaturizer! Kids and families can build wild creatures, then head outdoors to photograph them right in their own backyard.
These apps and more are available at


Grow Next Gen

Virtual Farm Trip

Take your class on a virtual field trip to learn more about modern farming and connect with a real Ohio soybean farmer.

·See the farmer in action!

·Engage in a live video tour of soybean fields

·Ride in a tractor and/or combine

·Ask questions about planting, seed germination, management, and harvest

·Discover the uses and benefits of Ohio soybeans

·Understand the challenges farmers face and the decisions they must make

·Learn about current topics like GMOs, water quality, and nutrient management

Explore, download and share these proven real-world educational resources to help bring science and agriculture to life in your classroom. Relevant and engaging, you’ll find useful, easy-to-implement lesson plans and activities.


Barabo: Learning Math and Coding with Robotics in the Classroom

Barobo's Linkbots are specifically designed for learning math and coding in the classroom and bridging the math achievement gap.
Reconfigurable modular Linkbots, and their associated easy-to-use software and curriculum, are especially designed for classroom implementation for grades 3 to 12, and for teachers without any prior experience in coding and robotics. Linkbots may also easily be integrated with Barobo's Arduino and Raspberry Pi kits. They allow science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) teachers of different grade levels, and school district IT staff as well, to conveniently collaborate with and share the same hardware and software platform, easily manage classroom activities, and quickly engage students in hands-on play and learning with STEAM subjects. By the time students graduate from high school, they will have many years of coding experience in Blockly and C/C++.



Looking for easy ways to get your kids interested in science? STEM Lab provides fun, hands-on STEM activities for kids of all ages to do anywhere!
These hands-on activities are designed to instill curiosity and critical thinking, helping kids develop skills to be successful in life. They are also fun, easy to do, and feature a messy factor just for you! Check out the activities below today to get started. activiti es/



30 years ago, DiscoverE was the first organization to recognize the need for engineering outreach when it called on engineers around the U.S. to work with young students for Engineers Week 1990. Since then tens of thousands of engineers in our community have participated as role models and provided hands-on engineering experiences to millions of students.

Our dual mission of celebrating the accomplishments of engineers and engaging K-12 students in engineering is made real by a robust coalition of activist partner organizations, volunteers, and educators.

Our Quick Picks

Get some answers

·What is engineering?

·What jobs are there?

·How do I become an engineer?

Hands-on Activities (sorted by grade levels and topic)


·Flight Test

·Build a Sorting Machine

·Bring in the Natural Light


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Tech Directions is published monthly (September through May). Tech Directions serves teachers and administrators in career-technical and STEM education.
The magazine features articles that detail effective teaching practices, projects and current issues as well as classroom and lab administration.
Popular columns on state-of-the art and historic technology, IT, news, and product announcements round out each month's lineup.
U.S. readers may receive a free subscription to Tech Directions if they teach or supervise one of the subjects listed on the subscription form and receive the magazine at a school, school district, or state/federal address.
Tech Directions offers a free subscription. Click here for details.


SketchUp for 2020

Follow Me to a more efficient workflow. From new ways to organize your model to custom viewports in LayOut, you don’t want to miss this one.


TED Talk on Squishy Circuits’ Creator

In a zippy demo at TED U, AnnMarie Thomas shows how two different kinds of homemade play dough can be used to demonstrate electrical properties -- by lighting up LEDs, spinning motors, and turning little kids into circuit designers. with_squishy_circuits


NWO STEM in the Park Do-At-Home Activity Cards, 2010 – 2019
NWO has hosted STEM in the Park for the past 10 years at Bowling Green State University where STEM facilitate a wide variety STEM hands-on activities for families. Here is a list of the take-home activities from the event for the last 10 years. cards.html


Start a Girls Who Code Program

The Northwest Ohio Center for Excellence in STEM Education at BGSU has partnered with  Girls Who Code (GWC) to bring free computer science learning opportunities to our communities. Girls Who Code Clubs are FREE after-school programs where 6th-12th grade girls join a sisterhood of supportive peers and role models while using computer science to impact their community. Participants not only learn hard coding skills and computational thinking, but they'll also learn project management skills, collaboration, bravery, resilience and so much more.


Teach Students to Persevere During Tough STEM Challenges

by Kerry Tracy
Do your students know how to persevere? Maybe you can you relate to this: You've planned a gorgeous, brain-busting STEM Challenge for your kids. Ten minutes in, you've got a couple who are nearing total shutdown. You're desperate for them not to give up, and maybe even a little disappointed in their lack of persistence. How do you teach students to persevere when they seem to lack the gene for it? to-persevere-during-tough-stem-challenges/


13th Annual STEM Conference

June 10: Wolstein Center, Cleveland State University Campus
June 11:  Great Lakes Science Center, Cleveland Ohio
We are collaborating with Texas Instruments and the team at the Great Lakes Science Center to bring you new and innovative ways to incorporate their technology and the museum into your classroom and teaching.   On June 10 the conference will be held on the CSU campus.  On the second day, along with engaging presentations, you will have free access to the museum and a special viewing of the NASA movie in the DOME theater.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email
Conference Registration Cost: $50   Get tickets here: tickets-89795876885

Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and parking for both days
Apply here if you are interested in being a PRESENTER (  or VENDOR (


Introduce Coding in the K-12 Curriculum

Introducing new STEAM and coding concepts into existing curriculum is challenging. One key to success is to make it approachable, fun, and playful for both teachers and students. In this white paper, you will learn:

·How other schools are integrating STEM and coding into their schools

·Specific and actionable examples of how to introduce coding concepts through games

·Strategies for engaging students in open-ended learning

·Examples of free online tools to get started with coding in the classroom studios -make-coding-and-steam-more-playful-021120.aspx


Sphero Computer Science Foundations webinar

It's never too early to start learning the fundamentals of computer science. In this webinar, you'll learn how to develop a foundation for teaching computer science in order to prepare young learners for future skills.
Plus, we'll highlight Sphero's very own Computer Science Foundations curriculum, which is a great way to accelerate CS in any classroom to prepare students for a more in-depth course.
Two lucky winners will be selected at the end of the live webinar to win a Sphero BOLT and a CS Foundations course of their choice!
Join us March 4th, 2020, 4pm ET


Design Trends Influencing STEM Education

By Emily Drinks


When it comes to STEM education, many teachers think about utilizing advanced technology and increasing online engagement. However, design trends influence the field in many subtle ways. By incorporating the ideas below, from active learning classrooms to constant connectivity, educators can better engage students and improve learning outcomes. trends-influencing-stem-education.aspx


Gravity Racing Challenge STEM Team Competition  
Teams of students assemble Soap Box Derby car kits and have the chance to race against other teams in this unique competition
For questions call us at 330.733.8723 x10 or at


Free STEM Professional Development Opportunity

The Battelle Innovation in Teaching Fellowship opportunity with the PAST Foundation offers a unique professional development experience for K-12 Ohio Educators in Problem-Based Learning. Learn how to apply Design Thinking processes to create design challenges with activities tailored to the needs of your students, solving a real world issue and creating shareable products. You will have the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other Ohio educators! teaching-2020-cohort 
PAST Foundation’s Family Maker Mania
Join us on Wednesday, March 18th from 6pm-8pm at the PAST Innovation Lab for a FREE night of fun STEM hands-on activities!
Come innovate, design, and create with your family!

For more information on activities and to register to attend: edition-2020


Spark 101

1.We partner with  to create  video challenges that engage students in 

2.Educators can access a  including STEM video 

3.Students are walked through  faced by leading 

What Spark 101 offers:

·New Resources

·Dozens of new lesson plans for elementary and middle school students

·1-minute Career Snapshot videos 

·Spark 101 blogwith the latest news and industry trends

·On-demand professional development videos that show you how to use Spark 101 in the classroom

New Features

·Search resources by standards, topic, company, and grade level

·Safely share video challenges with your students by simply using a QR code or sending a URL

·Read testimonials about the impact Spark 101 has on students, teachers, and industry professionals


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