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Graduate School Opportunities at Purdue

March 27, 2020

Good morning colleagues,

We have opportunities at Purdue University for supporting graduate students as they pursue a Masters or Ph.D. We can include a Transition to Teaching option for students with a related, but, non-education, undergraduate degree so our graduate students can become certified teachers as part of their advanced degree. As a university faculty, please share this with your students. As a teacher, please share this with your peers.

Programming: We offer Masters and Ph.D. programs in STEM education with a focus in technology and engineering. A few highlights:

  1. We have five dedicated faculty in our program area who teach, mentor students and research: Todd Kelley, Nathan Mentzer, Paul Asunda, Scott Bartholomew, and Greg Strimel.
  2. Our graduate programs can be tailored to students’ needs and interests. Programs of study have significant flexibility to combine course work across multiple colleges. So, if you are interested in design and cognition, design and special needs, design and educational administration, design and Integrated STEM, design and assessment/evaluation – we can make it happen. 
  3. Research is our focus – see our faculty profiles linked above to investigate our current efforts. Don’t plan on being a researcher for a career? That’s ok – being able to understand, interpret and put research into practice is a hallmark of a good teacher!
  4. Courses are face to face which requires being physically on campus. Thesis and dissertations research can be conducted remotely.
  5. The Masters degree is 30 credits and the PhD is 60 credits (in addition to a qualifying Masters degree).

Funding: We can pay your tuition and provide a stipend if you work with us. We have a variety of positions that open based on grant funding and also stable recurring positions teaching that we expect to continue into the foreseeable future. One opportunity is teaching our college freshman level design course. We employ a team of 10-14 graduate students to teach, evaluate and research freshman level design (see publications list by Nathan Mentzer for more information). Technology and Engineering undergraduate programs prepare future graduate students for teaching our college introductory design course very well! Yes - you can practice teaching in a structured college environment, get paid and receive a tuition waiver to continue your education! Typically stipends are around $1,800 monthly. West Lafayette Indiana is located near Chicago and Indianapolis, in a state with an aggressive advanced manufacturing presence and has a small town feel and small town cost of living.

Application timing: We have unfilled positions for the fall right now – let us know you are interested to reserve a spot while you finish the application process. You can apply anytime, but, funding is limited and first come first served after March/April for the coming fall. Want to start in the summer or spring - that works too.

Next steps: Let’s talk! Nathan Mentzer is the chair of our departmental Masters degree and active in administering the college level PhD. His contact information is below.


Nathan Mentzer, PhD

Associate Professor

Engineering/Technology Teacher Education

Dept of Technology Leadership & Innovation

Dept of Curriculum and Instruction

Purdue University

155 S. Grant Street, Young Hall 347

West Lafayette, IN 47907


Office: 765.494.0298

Skype: nathan_mentzer