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STEM is Elementary Newsletter - April 2020

March 30, 2020

This issue features elementary STEM resources for at-home and distance learning by educators and parents.



ITEEA’s Open Access At-Home Resources
In mid-March, ITEEA began compiling the resources below as a way to support educators through the unprecedented period of “social distancing” designed to prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus. The list continues to grow and there is now functionality built in that allows educators to easily add new resources to share with colleagues. Thank to all for sharing your ideas. Please be safe!
Thanks to Mike Fitzgerald and ITEEA’s IdeaGarden!
Mike Fitzgerald, Education Associate, Eng/Tech Ed Delaware Dept. of Education, and others, have posted great STEM resources on the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association’s member listserv, IdeaGarden. The ITEEA is the professional organization for technology, innovation, design, and engineering educators.
Note: you do not need to be an ITEEA member to access and post on IdeaGarden, but membership is encouraged ( You can join as an individual or as a school. Other benefits to membership include access to ITEEA’s Elementary STEM Council, ( which focuses on elementary grades, as well as ESC’s publication, Elementary STEM Journal aspx
The following are some of the many posts found on the listserv.
11 Engaging STEM Activities for Kids that Will Foster Curiosity
By Brianna Flavin on 08/26/2019 stem-activities-for-kids/
RESOURCES - A STEM Shopping List!
Resources to engage your students at home or through distance learning.


NASA Express weekly newsletter
Keep up with the latest NASA STEM happenings by subscribing to the NASA EXPRESS newsletter.

Each weekly email features at-home activities to inspire learning and exploration. Find crafting ideas, science experiments with household items and videos to watch as a family. Updates on workshops, internships, contests and student challenges are also included.


Vivify STEM
To gain access to tons of awesome STEM resources, sign-up for the Vivify STEM newsletter and receive the password!
Subscribe by entering your email where indicated in the footer of the homepage. If you are already subscribed, contact:


Getting Started with Ozobots in the Classroom
STEM Activities for Kids
Meredith Anderson is a homeschooling parent in Massachusetts. A mechanical engineer by training, she enjoys creating STEM educational resources for her two sons, other homeschoolers, and classrooms around the world.
In her latest newsletter, she shares how Ozobots are accessible for introductory robotics lessons while also offering advanced coding options for older or more experienced students. started -with-ozobots-in-the-classroom/


NOAA SciJinks inspires and engages students to learn about weather, satellite meteorology and Earth science. Our fun articles, games and videos are targeted toward middle- and high-school aged students and their educators.


Interactive Lessons to Assign for Remote Learning

Use the links below to quickly access interactive lessons you can use for remote learning, whether you want to suggest or formally assign something to students, or share ideas with parents. These lessons are self-contained and self-paced, and you can get them out to students quickly.

PBS Learning Resources

WGBH — in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and WGBY/New England Public Media — is supporting schools and students, families and educators by gathering some of our free, trusted digital resources from PBS LearningMedia and our award-winning educational preschool programming. PBS LearningMedia resources span disciplines for grades PreK-12, are aligned to national and state standards, and include videos, comprehensive lessons, and other activities. Start exploring your resource options  by clicking on the link below.


Welcome! This group is for K-5th teachers looking to infuse their classroom with science and STEM ideas. We're happy you're here! We want this to be a positive place for all of the teachers to come and learn from and inspire each other. Don't be afraid to ask questions. We can all learn from each other!


Grow Next Gen Virtual Farm Trip
I’ve posted this before but it’s worth repeating for this special time.
Take your class on a virtual field trip to learn more about modern farming and connect with a real Ohio soybean farmer.

·See the farmer in action!

·Engage in a live video tour of soybean fields

·Ride in a tractor and/or combine

·Ask questions about planting, seed germination, management, and harvest

·Discover the uses and benefits of Ohio soybeans

·Understand the challenges farmers face and the decisions they must make

·Learn about current topics like GMOs, water quality, and nutrient management


PAST Foundation Maker Mania STEM Resources
Educators can use these resources as take home activities for their students while parents/guardians can download these activities straight to their devices.


Ohio STEM Learning Network At Home Resources
Parents, teachers, and kids are adjusting to life at home and learning online. Battelle’s education team, which manages the Ohio STEM Learning Network, has pulled together a list of some of our favorite education resources. parents

The Battelle STEMx Parent's Guide to STEM offers more than 30 pages of research and interviews examining how to understand STEM education. This guide adapts the Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative's Companion Book for Parents for a national audience. Members of the STEMx network and the national labs managed by Battelle also contributed.

Download the guide here. Please feel free to share with credit to the STEMx network. Guide-to-STEM-2020.pdf


Ohio History Connection Learn At Home Resources

Our team has developed a number of engaging and educational history resources that you and your family can easily access on our website.


National Academy of Engineering

Building Capacity for Teaching Engineering in K-12 Education

Engineering education is emerging as an important component of US K-12 education. Across the country, students in classrooms and after- and out-of-school programs are participating in hands-on, problem-focused learning activities using the engineering design process. These experiences can be engaging; support learning in other areas, such as science and mathematics; and provide a window into the important role of engineering in society. As the landscape of K-12 engineering education continues to grow and evolve, educators, administrators, and policy makers should consider the capacity of the US education system to meet current and anticipated needs for K-12 teachers of engineering. teaching-engineering-in-k-12-education


PTO Today

Family Science Night: 20+ STEM Activities To Spark Imagination
With our free Family Science Night planning kit, your group can help families experience science, technology, engineering, and math outside the classroom with hands-on, cross-generational stem activities. The kit has more than 20 easy-to-follow science activities for kids (all of them using everyday supplies that are easy to find), so you can choose the ones that work for your community. activitie s


3Dux Design Project

Episode 1: Leaping Lizards and Lots of Levers

In this lesson, learn how to build your own simple machine using levers 1-leaping-lizards-and-lots-of-levers


19 Resource Library – Activities for children
The SLECoP is organizing a series of webinars for parents, educators, school administrators and anyone who have students in their care. These webinars are intended to help them with practical tips they can employ for how to keep their children engaged and learning with STEM at Home.


Spaces4Makers, from the editors of Spaces4Learning, is a monthly education technology newsletter focused on the maker movement in schools, colleges and universities and the use of makerspaces in STEM and STEAM education. Each issue highlights technologies, curriculum tools, trends and best practices in makerspaces. Issues also spotlight exceptional projects and programs taking place in schools, colleges and universities across the nation. 5EmbbkFsbv7O %5EcrT%7Cxkccv33krw9r3gng

READ | LEARN | CONNECT with institutions, the architectural community, service providers, and others interested in creating high-quality facilities. If your school is considering updating to the latest in facility design to provide the optimum learning spaces for your students, this is a great resource.


Carolina Free Learning Resources

Carolina Biological Supply Company is committed to support parents, teachers, and school districts with learn-from-home resources during this challenging time. Explore the resources below for elementary and middle school students from Carolina’s Building Blocks of Science™ 3D, Innovators in Science, and Smithsonian Programs.


Edventures STEM Freebies

We’ve got lots of great resources available on our website! Be sure to check out our freebies page for additional STEM and STEAM challenges that students can easily print and complete both in and out of the classroom.


How It’s Made Videos

Television series that documents how various everyday products are made.



STEM Lab provides fun, hands-on STEM activities for kids of all ages to do anywhere!
These hands-on activities are designed to instill curiosity and critical thinking, helping kids develop skills to be successful in life. They are also fun, easy to do, and feature a messy factor just for you activiti es/


S.T.E.M. Engineering Education

WhiteBox Learning is a complete Standards-Based STEM Learning System for Engineering, Science, and Technology Education classrooms, grades 6-12. Completely web-based, students can design, analyze, and simulate their designs, hundreds of times, from a web browser, and compete with other students throughout their district. Fully-Integrated Teacher LMS is included.
During these uncertain times with the COVID-19 pandemic, many of you are looking for online resources to continue learning at home. We are offering unrestricted access to all applications through the end of June. Please complete this form for more information. solutions/


Local Tech Heroes
Our mission is to empower all students to realize their potential by challenging them to solve big problems in their communities using emerging technologies.
We design and run educational programming to bring together local students and local business, fostering innovative solutions to real problems our communities face everyday.


Is K-12 Engineering Dead?

From Start Engineering Blog, by Eric Iverson
Engineering is riding a long wave of growing popularity in K-12 education, much to the satisfaction of students, colleges, and employers. But finding and training teachers could be the rock on which the wave crashes. Are we entering the make-or-break phase for the “E” in STEM? Read more to find out. 3/9/is-k-12-engineering-doomed


STEM Tools, Games and Products to Engage Girls in Pre-K Through Early Elementary School

By Amanda Sullivan, THE Journal, 03/10/20
When choosing STEM tools for girls, it is important to choose tools that engage girls in active problem-solving, hands-on learning, building and engineering. Remember, it is the technical STEM fields, like computer science and engineering, where women are most drastically outnumbered by men. Therefore, remember to choose technologies, digital tools and applications that teach girls about the human-engineered world beginning in early childhood and continuing through elementary school. games-and-products-to-engage-girls-in-prek-through-early- elementary-school.aspx


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