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ITEEA Foundation Reaches Milestone

March 31, 2020


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ITEEA is pleased to share that it has reached a milestone: 100 donations to its Capital Campaign! These donations are more important than ever as ITEEA works to provide many of its resources at no cost to educators during this unprecedented COVID-19 event.

This important work is supported entirely by the support of generous donors who contribute to our annual capital campaign. Our current goal is to raise $250,000, which will allow ITEEA’s Foundation to continue providing much-needed support for current and future educators, as well as to those in our communities who need assistance. Without the continued support of generous donors such as your organization, these needs will regrettably go unmet.



For over 80 years, ITEEA’s mission has been to prepare and support teachers and their students as they take on the daunting challenge of becoming technologically and engineering literate. One way that ITEEA has supported this effort is through scholarships and grants to teachers and future teachers as they go on to Bring STEM to Life at all levels of education. ITEEA scholarships and grants are presented annually to individuals who have shown a commitment to becoming STEM leaders at the local, regional, national, and international levels and are pivotal to each’s recipient’s future success. You can learn more about ITEEA’s scholarship and awards efforts at

ITEEA’s Foundation also supports programs like the Go Baby Go initiative, which creates low-tech, low-cost solutions to increase independent movement experiences that provide young children with opportunities for expression, play, socialization, and exploration leading to learning. Our teachers, through their students, create this mobility for children in their own communities! We encourage you to learn more about ITEEA’s efforts with Go Baby Go at

Additionally, the Foundation, through ITEEA's 2st Century the 21st Century Leadership Academy (21CLA), provides opportunities for rising technology and engineering educators from across the country to develop as professional leaders, develop community, and have experiences related to the promotion of technology and engineering education and technological literacy in our schools.


Through these programs, and more, ITEEA has worked to help develop and support technology and engineering educators for over 80 years...and hopes to continue for at least 80 more.

YOUR donation can help us to keep providing assistance where it can truly make a difference. Please consider a contribution today.

Any questions regarding ITEEA or its Foundation can be directed to or by calling 703-860-2100.

Thank you!