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KTEEA Needs YOUR Help!

May 12, 2020

The Kansas Technology and Engineering Education Association (KTEEA) has launched an advocacy campaign for the Kansas State Department of Education. KTEEA is working towards the inclusion of Technology and Engineering Education (specifically Grades 6-10) within the state Career and Technical Education Model. Technology & Engineering Education is integral to the learning and development of students. There has been a disconnect between the state and the post-secondary teacher preparation programs in Kansas for decades. We want to see the support for these programs and to help bring Technology and Engineering Education into districts across Kansas. Technology and Engineering Education and Career and Technical Education can and should work cohesively to meet the needs of all Kansas students. The state of Kansas is currently in the process of redesigning schools across the state, and KTEEA would like to challenge you all to think, “Why not redesign how we look at education holistically?” 


KTEEA is asking for your help. KTEEA is asking for the support of Technology and Engineering Educators nationwide. If you wish to support and voice your opinion, please visit the online petition:


ANYONE can sign - you do not have to be a Kansan.