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ITEEA Releases Pre-Publication Standards Draft

May 13, 2020



ITEEA Releases Pre-Publication Draft of Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy



RESTON, VA., MAY 13, 2020 – In Summer 2018, ITEEA and its Council on Technology and Engineering Teacher Education began work on revising Standards for Technological Literacy, originally published in 2000. After two years of research, discussion, writing, data collecting, external reviews, and editing, ITEEA has now released the pre-publication draft of Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy: Defining the Role of Technology and Engineering in STEM Education (ITEEA, 2020). This project was supported through grants from the National Science Foundation and the Technical Foundation of America. 

Standards for Technological and Engineering Literacy (STEL) provides an up-to-date roadmap for classroom teachers, district supervisors, state supervisors, states, and curriculum developers to promote technology and engineering education program development and curriculum design from Pre-K through twelfth grade.

As part of our goal of making these standards accessible and useful to all, major resources are available now on the STEL Resources webpage. These include crosswalks of the STEL benchmarks with benchmarks from science, mathematics and English language arts; benchmark verbs matched to the Domains of Learning and Revised Bloom’s taxonomy; and benchmarks collated by grade band as compendiums. In the coming months ITEEA will release an ePub version of STEL with complete formatting, along with an interactive STEL website that will allow users to search by grade band, standard, and benchmark. Future plans include development of best practice STEL-based lesson plans.

The final STEL document will be released in the summer.





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