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STEM is Elementary Newsletter - July 2020

July 08, 2020


Elementary Classroom Preparation
for Fall of 2020 After COVID-19

Presenter: Mrs. Tracy Young
Join us on July 29th, 4 to 5 PM for a STEMinar on how some elementary educators might be spending their summer, preparing for the beginning of the new school year in September, when we are really unsure if learning will take place online or in person. Summer is a great time to catch up on Professional Development, try out new things, and make modifications to your curriculum to be prepared for the Fall of 2020. Home-Page?meetingid=%7B0FDC0596-E8BA-EA11-8108-000D3A044486% 7D

ITEEA’s Elementary STEM Council’s 3rd Global Design Challenge for Elementary STEM (GDC)
ITEEA’s Elementary STEM Council is sponsoring the 3rd Global Design Challenge for Elementary STEM (GDC) to provide students with a chance to solve a real problem, and show the world that everyone can help find solutions to these global challenges.
In 2020, nations around the globe are struggling to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). COVID-19 is caused by a new virus. The CDC does know that washing hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is a great way to prevent the spread of the virus, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2020).
The most common problem is that most people do not
wash their hands often enough, nor long enough.
Can you work as a member of a small design team to develop or modify a product or device that will encourage people to properly wash their hands for at least 20 seconds?
Elementary STEM students from around the world will work in small design teams to solve the GDC. As students attempt to solve the GDC, the elementary classroom teacher will document the process with a simple portfolio that describes the problem-solving process, the products developed, results of product testing, as well as the final product presentations. Photos and videos of proposed solutions will be posted on the Elementary STEM Council’s Facebook® site. The design teams will be evaluated and the winning team will be invited to present their solution during the International Technology and Engineering Educators Association Annual Conference in Denver, Colorado on March 24-27, 2021. This team will also be featured in the March 2021 edition of The Elementary STEM Journal.


How to Make Career Awareness Work for Elementary Ages

June 24, 2020, by Eric Iversen

Too early?
Is elementary school too early for career awareness activities? Of course it is! What could be worse for students than learning about the boring things adults do for work?
What we do
Except nearly everyone acts as if the exact opposite were true. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” is one of the most frequent questions kids ever hear from grown-ups. As fun as it is to hear kids toss off career aspirations shaped only by imagination and dreams – think of how many paleontologists we would have if such factors drove career outcomes – we rarely follow up on kids’ answers with much useful, actual guidance.

Our ever-growing concerns about future workforce needs, among other things, is helping to drive change in this area. While long a feature of high school and even middle school education, career-oriented programming increasingly shows up in elementary school learning activities. 6/24/how-to-make-career-awareness-work-for-elementary- ages


Read the Blog
We are two aerospace engineers passionate about K-12 STEM education! Follow our blog and social media pages to stay up to date on the latest happenings in STEM.
Find STEM Resources
Learn more about STEM and why it is so important today. Check out our list of resources to jump start your journey into STEM.


The PD you need -- whether you're returning to the regular classroom or distance learning! The missing pieces for one teacher may not look the same as they do for another, but there's something here for everyone!

  • Distance learning

  • Culturally-responsive teaching

  • SEL & building community

  • Educational technology

  • Core academic content areas: ELA, Math, Science & Social Studies

  • Arts integration

  • Special education

  • Classroom management

  • Effective sub planning

  • Avoiding burnout stem.


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This month’s newsletter entitled Rays of Inspiration, has articles and activities based on the sun’s energy. Since ancient times, humans have celebrated the summer solstice with feasts, bonfires, and other rites. Engineers who develop solar-energy systems have additional reasons to cheer the extra hours of daylight - when the arctic clocks 30% more than shines at the equator. Your designers will revel in this month's 
activity marking the start of summer. See who casts the brightest ideas! Lessons--Summer-Solstice-Engineering--Virtual-STEM-Camps- --More-.html?soid=1102261797598&aid=Z8m9Rd6FoUo
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PhET provides fun, free, interactive, research-based science and mathematics simulations. We extensively test and evaluate each simulation to ensure educational effectiveness. These tests include student interviews and observation of simulation use in classrooms. Searchable by grade level and topic. physics,earth-science&levels=elementary-school& sort=alpha&view=grid


Electricity and Engineering Grades 4-6

Learning about electricity, renewable energy and circuits is much more fun when you work together to build your own power grid and electrify an entire city. In this lesson, students will have the opportunity to create circuits and then work as a team to design and build a beautifully lit city block. energygr id


PAST Foundation Online Course for Educators

Engaging Students in a Distance Education Environment

Amid all the recent changes how do educators facilitate virtual (or blended) instruction? As everyone scrambles to move to digital instruction, how does an educator’s mindset need to change? How does the educator’s role in an online class differ and how does it stay the same in a digital environment? 

Throughout this 2-week online course, a team of experienced, online educators will help answer these questions and more while assisting you in incorporating great thinking in all grades and for all ability levels.

This course runs from Monday, July 27 through Friday August 7, 2020. There will be two - 1 hour live, virtual meetings per week. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a certificate of completion for 20 hours (2 CEUs). distance-edu-july-2020


Ten new Ohio schools received STEM/STEAM School Designation from the Ohio Department of Education.
The committee designated ten new schools:

  • Ashland Christian School (Private School)

  • Bath Elementary School (Revere Schools)

  • Dorr Elementary (Springfield Schools)

  • Fairview High School (Fairview Park City Schools)

  • The Kinder Garden School, West Chester (Private School)

  • McKinley STEM Academy (Steubenville City Schools)

  • McKinley STEMM Academy (Toledo City Schools)

  • Shenandoah Elementary (Noble Local)

  • Shenandoah High School (Noble Local)

  • St. Paul School-Salem (Private School)

The Ohio STEM Committee approved applications for schools that implement best practices in STEM and STEAM education. STEM education encompasses a culture of inquiry, entrepreneurialism, problem-solving, problem-based learning, and connections to the real-world. STEAM education expands this idea with a focus on the arts.
Twenty-eight applications from schools across Ohio were considered. The designation recognizes a school as an effective place for STEM or STEAM learning. The Ohio STEM Learning Network (OSLN), a public-private partnership managed by Battelle, advises the Ohio STEM Committee and provides supports for schools across Ohio.
“Battelle invests in STEM education to give students opportunities to explore future careers while building critical thinking skills,” said Wes Hall, Vice President of Education and Philanthropy at Battelle. “Assisting schools in the designation process is one way we can amplify student success.”
The schools receiving designation were commended for exhibiting a strong culture of STEM learning, use of problem-based learning, professional development for teachers and staff, and a robust STEM curriculum. 
For more information on OSLN please visit:

The Kinder Garden School demonstrates STEM excellence during uncertain times

(Trudi Simpson, director/principal of the Kinder Garden School)

Amid the turmoil, disruption and uncertainty that the COVID-19 pandemic thrust upon education in the Buckeye State, one southwestern Ohio school for young learners still had much to celebrate this spring. In May, on its third try, the Kinder Garden School received the state’s STEM/STEAM designation from the Ohio STEM Committee. In addition, Kinder Garden School students celebrated successfully tackling the Ohio STEM Learning Network’s #STEMdrivesOhio Design Challenge on smart mobility, coming up with creative and practical ways to make their school commute safer and more comfortable. stem-excellence-during-uncertain-times


Picture-Perfect STEM Online Workshop
These live sessions led by the authors of the Picture-Perfect STEM series will introduce teachers to strategies and resources for making STEM come alive in the K-5 classroom!
A train-the-trainer add-on is available. events-4/


WOSU Classroom offers classes for educators wishing to extend their knowledge and experience with technology integration. These classes are suitable for educators of all grade levels and subject areas. Contact hours are awarded for each class at no additional fee; graduate credit is offered, as well.


NSTA's STEM20: Virtual Event will feature an engaging array of sessions, panels, and presentations focused on the latest developments and insights on the most important topics and issues affecting the STEM education community today.
Each day of the four-day event will concentrate on a different grade level:

  • July 27 - early childhood and upper elementary–level educators and administrators

  • July 28 - middle-level educators and administrators

  • July 29 - high school-level educators and administrators

  • July 30 - postsecondary-level educators and administrators

Each day of programming will conclude with a  sponsored demo show by the Kentucky Science Center. You won't want to miss this display of favorite science demonstrations that are brought to students and families everywhere!


Sphero Professional Development Opportunities
Self-guided training, virtual training or on-site training available


WGBH Summer Learning Resources
Summer is here, and school is out of session, but the learning doesn't have to stop! We've curated a series of free and educational resources to help combat summer learning loss for early learners and upper elementary students. Students can access resources that will keep them entertained while getting prepared for the next school year. Scroll down to explore a wide variety of engaging content! engineering/


STEM Connections

Here is the latest issue of STEM Connections, which is packed with the most current news from ITEEA, its members, and the field of STEM Education. STEM Connections was developed specifically for STEM professionals who believe in the importance of Integrative STEM Education - and that Technology and Engineering Bring STEM to Life!


ChickQuest Adventures (Ohio) by GrowNextGen
ChickQuest is a popular program for elementary classrooms. Presented several times each year in various locations around the state, these workshops are continually filled to capacity with teachers eager to share this experience with their students. Participants are trained to present hands-on engaging STEM lessons and they receive supplies for their classroom. Students learn about animal agriculture, egg production, and life cycles and are able to see eggs hatch! home-learning?mc_cid=aa36b5b482&mc_eid=1038a3c1fa
Learn about other educator resources, workshops, virtual field trips and other events at


As teachers, we like to prepare for the next school year when summer rolls around. Many of us have no clue what fall might bring. We know how valuable STEM challenges, enrichment, and hands on lessons are to our students, but we are a bit puzzled as to how we might make that happen come fall.
As educators, we are going to have to be flexible as we try to put those puzzle pieces together! My friends and I have a few ideas to get you thinking of some creative ways to have one to one STEM challenges as well as at the drop of a hat, virtual challenges! stem-this-fall/

6 Great Coding Sites For Kids
Coding is a valuable skill for every child to learn, and there are tons of free and paid coding websites and tools to help your students just beginning or mastering coding. Back in the day, coding seemed like some kind of secret computer knowledge that no one except for geniuses could learn. But now, it’s super easy to learn! Here are 6 great coding websites for students. websites-for-students/


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Please let me know of elementary STEM events, resources, or professional development opportunities that you would like to see in an upcoming edition of the STEM is Elementary newsletter!

Bob Claymier