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Apply as Part of the PATT Strand at ITEEA's 83rd Annual Conference!

July 22, 2020

Call for Papers

NEW! Virtual Presentation Option!

Apply to Present a Paper as Part of the PATT Strand at ITEEA's 83rd Annual Conference in Denver


The 2020 ITEEA Annual Conference will include a strand of PATT sessions in the program, as in previous years. PATT stands for Pupils' Attitudes Towards Technology, an international series of conferences on worldwide developments in technology education.

PATT is mostly research-based, but there are also presentations about curriculum and teaching practice. International attendees as well as US colleagues are invited to submit contributions for the PATT sessions in Denver. We welcome papers with a non-exclusively US character and preferably with a research background.

PATT sessions can be attended by all ITEEA participants. There is no PATT membership, but it is possible to enroll for the PATT conference registration package that also includes the International Luncheon and PATT reception. The PATT strand also offers an international roundtable discussion to which all international participants are invited to contribute with a short snapshot presentation about current developments in their countries.

Proposals for PATT paper presentations should be emailed to Marc J. de Vries at

Applicants can specify "On-Site Presentation," "Virtual Presentation" or "Either" when submitting.

The Application Deadline is October 1, 2020