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Thomas Edison Pitch Contest 2021 is NOW OPEN!

December 10, 2020



Teachers, your holiday gift came early this year!

We are excited to announce that registration for the Thomas Edison Pitch Contest 2021 is NOW OPEN! Our early registration period is the perfect opportunity for early birds who want to get a head start on their projects!

If your team registers by December 31st, you will receive your Maker's Kit weeks earlier than other teams AND a $20 Amazon Gift Card to purchase extra supplies for your team! Please note: There will be a limit of only 3 Maker's Kits per school this year, however, schools are welcome to register more than 3 teams and share the supplies!

You can click here to learn more about how to register now!

About 10 years ago, the Edison Innovation Foundation created this contest to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship among students in grade 4-12. Our fun STEM contest will allow your students to create their own inventions to solve problems that they see in the world today by providing STEM supplies for FREE, hands-on experience, and state-of-the-art STEM prizes for your school. It is the perfect addition to your distance learning curriculum to keep kids motivated & excited about learning! Download the new teacher/student guide for 2021 here!

We invite all students & teachers, whether your school has never done something like this before or you have received your fair share of Maker's Kits in the past, to join us in our 11th year of inventing for the future!


Get Your Maker's Kit Early!