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ITEEA Announces 2020-2021 Gerald Day Excellence in Authorship Award Winners

May 26, 2021



ITEEA Announces 2020-2021 Gerald Day Excellence in Authorship Award Winners


RESTON, VA, May 19, 2021 - ITEEA today announced top rated articles for the Technology and Engineering Teacher journal's 2020-2021 publishing year:

The authors of these articles will receive the Gerald Day Excellence in Authorship Award, which will be presented at ITEEA's 84th Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida, March 9-12, 2022.

The Excellence in Authorship Awards are named for former TET Review Board Chair and longtime ITEEA member Gerald Day. With his many years of editorial experience, Day felt strongly about creating this award program that recognizes outstanding technology and engineering authors. The award winners are determined by TET readers, utilizing ITEEA’s annual Communications Survey.

Current TET Review Board Chair, Dr. Thomas Loveland, Ph.D., DTE, shared, "the TET awardees this year represent the best authors in the field of Technology and Engineering Education and a continuation of outstanding scholarship in support of the professional association and its members worldwide."


Below are the winning authors and links to their articles.

Marie Hoepfl, Ed.D.

Top-Rated Article by a University Educator: Defining Technological and Engineering Literacy

An examination of the meaning of literacy, as well as its function, to better understand the role played by disciplinary standards in shaping educational experiences at the PreK-12 level.


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Joshua Grannetino

Top Rated Article by a Classroom Teacher:

Eighth Graders Empowering Others with Engineering

A discussion of how engineers can use their ingenuity to give kids confidence when they feel dissimilar from others, all while teaching valuable design techniques and processes.

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Scott A. Warner, DTE, Korbin A. Shearer, Garreth Heidt and Korbin A. Shoemaker


Top Rated Article by a University Educator/Classroom Teacher Team:

Designerly Thinking: A Tool for Citizenship in a Democratic Society

A look at how designerly thinking and the original STL can be tools for helping to develop a better citizenry in today’s society.


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