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STEMathon 2021 Call for Presenters

June 01, 2021





We have had a lot of questions from eager STEM educators about presenting at this year’s STEMATHON conference, so we thought it would be helpful to summarize and share key points about the call for presentations. Consider submitting a proposal today! 


Who should submit a proposal?

You! Classroom teachers, specialists, instructional coaches, technology integrators, school leaders, community members in the STEM field… we’re looking for educators and those passionate about STEM education willing to share their stories and experiences in STEM learning and who can offer attendees practical and inspirational classroom takeaways.


Can you tell me more about the audience?

We’re hoping to craft the schedule to feature content with an Elementary (K-8) focus on October 20, and a focus on Secondary (7-12) content on October 21. It’s also perfectly fine if your presentation meets the needs of a K-12 audience!


What topics or themes are you looking for?

These are some of the relevant topics in STEM we hope to feature during the conference:

  • Creative Approaches to STEM Learning
  • STEM for ALL
  • Computer Science
  • Leveraging Partnerships
  • STEM Career Connections/Workforce Development
  • STEM Leadership and Policy


We also hope that you can make a connection to our conference theme, Resilience in STEM Education, to showcase the ways in which STEM learning not only survived, but thrived, in pandemic times.


How long are sessions? How will I be presenting?

Sessions are 50 minutes. The conference will be utilizing a virtual learning platform called CVENT for all sessions.


I’m really busy with the end of the school year. When are proposals due?

You have plenty of time! Please submit this proposal form by June 30, 2021.


What’s in it for me?

Fame, glory, a sense of self-accomplishment, and free STEMATHON registration for the primary presenter! 


In summary, STEMATHON 2021: RISE is going to be a success, thanks to educators like you willing to share, teach, learn, and collaborate with one another. We look forward to reading through all of the exciting session proposals coming our way. Questions about presenting? Contact Karen Ditzler at



The STEMATHON Design Team



PS. Not sure if you’re comfortable presenting online? Our STEMATHON team is here to help! Every presenter will have the opportunity to meet with one of our team members and receive a comprehensive walkthrough of the conference portal.

You can do it! 🎉


Now, go fill out that Call for Presentations form!






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