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STEM is Elementary Newsletter - May 30, 2021

June 01, 2021

Elementary STEM professional development opportunities, events and resources to start the summer!




Professional Development Opportunities





FAB PLAY Summer Conference - August 3-6
The Summer FAB PLAY conferences are open to all educators and organizations hoping to deepen their experience of teaching and learning in Fab Labs and Makerspaces, and share their expertise back to the larger community. Although there will be some sessions on machines and techniques, the overall goal of the institute is for all participants and presenters to learn from each other and obtain new ideas to implement in their own space. Experienced and new users of all skill and ability are welcome.
Hawken School - Lyndhurst (OH) Campus

Establish a gathering of like-minded passionate educators that work as a community to share best practices across multiple platforms, generate new project ideas, and grow as network of Maker-Educators in Northeast Ohio and Nationally.
FEE: $400.00 for 4 days
Includes basic materials, lunch, session supplies, access to all FabLab equipment and tools including Media Lab and Woodshop, and one social dinner.
For more information, go to




Tufts University’s Teacher Engineering Education Program Tufts University’s Teacher Engineering Education Program enables any K12 teacher to inspire the next generation of creative problem solvers through the power and engagement of engineering education.
Our program provides the tools that educators need to meet NGSS requirements and/or to integrate the Engineering portion of STEM into their classrooms.
All K12 teachers are eligible for the online program, not just those with an engineering background. Offering two tracks, one for elementary and one for middle and high school educators, the courses are rigorous but the instruction is differentiated for all ability and knowledge levels.
Completing the online courses results in an official transcript certificate and graduate credits that are awarded at less than $300 per credit hour.





ITEEA’s STEM Center for Teaching and Learning™
Summer Workshops:

ITEEA’s STEM Center for Teaching and Learning™ will bring your state a four-day workshop on any of the EbD™ courses or elementary curriculum. The local host provides the facilities and some equipment/tools. All summer 2021 workshops will be held virtually. Below are our standard recommendations for delivering Summer Workshops. We are able to modify and fit the needs of your construct/schedule based upon availability. pul4q77epQBv zfMtSMC7cEb3THtOWAisltGth7-ztg/viewform





The Wright-Patterson Air Force Base Educational Outreach WOW! program, in partnership with SOITA, is offering a free, two-day workshop for K-8 educators featuring demonstrations and hands-on activities highlighting a variety of STEM-focused resources for the classroom.
Participants will receive FREE class materials, many new ideas, and information about amazing programs from WOW! and SOITA.
Workshops are filling quickly! Individuals may register for one of the two workshops. Visit for more information









Paper-based STEM Projects for Home, Camp, and Classroom
Downloadable creative project packets that use simple materials to explore engineering challenges





Tools, Games, and Products to Engage Girls in Pre-K through Early Elementary School

With so much material to wade through, finding the right STEM tools and products for young girls can be daunting. This excerpt from Amanda Sullivan's book Breaking the STEM Stereotype: Reaching Girls in Early Childhood will provide educators with examples of tools, games, and products currently available that can be used with girls as early as preschool to practice foundational STEM skills. 257CbbM3yb QES6cF83v7CcsqHXyeDeHP3m





NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Space Activities
Launch rockets, build robots, explore your world and beyond! Our projects, toolkit and contests will take you into space without ever leaving Earth.





STEM Careers Coalition Education Resource

Access the no-cost, standards-aligned classroom activities to support future career success for all students. Each activity features important STEM skills and a step-by-step guide for implementing activities activit ies






PBS Engineering & Technology Resources
Discover resources and projects that connect students to engineering design practices and future careers. -technology/






Science Naturally One Minute STEM Mysteries
Every month, Science Naturally shares one STEM mystery taken from our One Minute Mysteries series. Each story takes just one minute to read and challenges a kid’s knowledge in a variety of science and math disciplines. The brainteasers can be used as independent reading for kids, a guessing game for families, a springboard for school projects, a bell ringer for teachers, or an assessment tool for math and science knowledge and literacy. These mysteries help kids extract the important data needed to solve science, math, and logic problems while strengthening and rewarding reading skills—plus, they're fun! mystery-book-set





InfOhio Engineering Resources by Grade Level
To access InfOhio’s thousands of engineering resources for young learners, go to and select the appropriate grade level to search, then select the Science Reference Center and type in “engineering” as the key word to search. You must be an Ohio resident to access the information.

Examples include Genetic Engineering (eBook); Bots! Robotics Engineering: With Hands-On Makerspace Activities (book); Mapping Students’ Engineering Processes with Design Zoness (article) and many more

 Summer Starter Kits
Get the following STEM resource from for exploring STEM this summer!
Paper Circuit Starter Kit w/Ebook
Paper Circuits (book)
Arduino Starter Kit w/Ebook
Arduino for Beginners PDF
Bristlebot Project Pack (20 bristlebots)





The U.S. Department of Education (ED or the Department) developed this STEM newsletter to provide resources and inspiration. 

The Department also maintains resources on its page, including:

·           grant application resources

·           America's strategy for STEM Education

and other resources






Wind Energy Project for Elementary Grades

Welcome to the 2020-21 KidWind Online Challenge Season. Using this portal you can compete in a KidWind Challenge from the comfort of your living room! All you need to do is build a wind or solar device, collect data, and then upload it to the web. 60182f901629 af5ebfd05317/projects





Civil Air Patrol Free STEM Kits

The Civil Air Patrol’s STEM Kit program provides STEM resources for hands-on, inquiry-based learning. 
The kits come at no cost to recipients, are designed to enhance current CAP educational curriculum and programs, and will be ready for immediate implementation. CAP Unit AE Officers (or commanders), as well as CAP members who are educators, including AFJROTC instructors, can select one kit from the available options.
If you are a teacher or informal educator (such as Scouts or youth groups), you may join Civil Air Patrol as an Aerospace Education Member (AEM) and apply for these free kits. Find out about all of our free aerospace/STEM programs for educators, and, how to join here.
Kits include (among over one dozen available):
Flight simulators
Electronics educatio n/for-educators/





Environmental education lessons and models available from the Franklin County (OH) Soil and Water District. Check with the local SW district in your area for similar activities.





Natural History Museum of Utah Online Learning and At-Home Resources
Online Learning and At-Home Resources is a comprehensive collection that offers support to teachers delivering instruction in online, distance, and at-home learning environments.

·           Virtual Classes - check out our live and on-demand virtual classes

·           Virtual Field Trips - led by educators and scientists, these videos take students on a highlights tour of the Museum's galleries

·           Museum on the Move - engage in science practices with a Museum on the Move instructor

·           Activities - ready to print or share digitally, these activities are designed for kids to learn on their own at-home

·           Video Lessons - incorporate NHMU's fun educational videos into your lessons

Research Quest is an exciting new program created by the Natural History Museum of Utah (NHMU) that leverages our museum's incredible research and collections with 3D and game technologies - every bit as cool as the newest smartphone apps – to support the development of the critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills found throughout your core curriculum.
We have designed these investigations for 6th – 8th grade teachers looking for easy-to-use, cross-curriculum aligned instructional tools that support student learning and assessment in meaningful and engaging ways.

Research Quest investigations include:
Artifacts from humans in the area
Changes in the Utah Mountains
Investigating dinosaurs that lived in the area




Learning Opportunities
For Students





Learning Opportunities for Students
Cornell University Lab of Ornithology
Lifelong Learning and Citizen Science - Begin your journey here. Choose a project to match your interests.





CJ STEMM Summer Camp - "STEMM For Good"
Monday - Friday June 28 - July 2
8:30am - 2:30pm
At Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School - 505 S. Ludlow St., Dayton, OH 45402
Open to rising 6th-8th grade students in the Miami Valley region
Capacity: 24 campers
Camp Fee: $100 per student
Team collaboration - hands-on innovative and creative design and build challenges. There is a variety of STEMM topics and content, including guest facilitators and field trips - local STEMM employers and practitioners (in-person and/or virtual, as appropriate). The camp is facilitated by CJ science, engineering, and biomedical science instructors, and small teams of campers are matched with CJ high school student assistant team leaders.
Online Registration for all CJ summer camps, including STEMM, will be posted this week on the CJ website: summer-camps





GrowNextGen Virtual Field Trip to an Ohio Turkey Farm
Join us for a visit to Cooper Farms, an Ohio turkey farm! Students will see inside two turkey barns: the starter barn where newly hatched poults grow to be 5 1/2 weeks old and the finishing barn where they will continue growing until they reach 21 weeks and are over 20 pounds.

Your elementary students will learn about:
- turkey anatomy, behavior, and biosecurity
- different diets for different stages of life
- how turkeys are cared for as they grow

This virtual field trip connects with the following Ohio Science Standards:
• Grade 1: Life Science: Basic Needs of Living Things
• Grade 2: Life Science: Interactions with Habitats
• Grade 3: Life Science: Behavior, Growth & Changes. 

Trip length: 45 minutes oMfl3AuwQSNDeFxIN7Yix3jssNQVH





OSLN HER Academy: Summer Co-ed Code Camp Ages 7-10
June 7 – June 11 @ 9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Session 2: June 21-25, 2021, Bexley, OH
Students will be split into small groups to learn about the concepts of computer science, how to program (code), and the applications of computer science in the professional fields. Students will learn to be computational thinkers where they will be able to decompose problems, recognize patterns, and understand abstract concepts. Coding concepts the campers will master are sequencing, loops, events, and conditionals. The student will not only learn the technical skills of computer science, but they will also learn leadership skills such as empathy, cooperative play, teamwork, patience, resilience, persistence, and taking risks. ages-7-10/









Each year, the Ohio STEM Learning Network partners with the Ohio Department of Education to recruit, support, and ultimately evaluate new schools for STEM designation. Receiving designation shows a school has implemented best practices in STEM and STEAM education.

In spite of all of the challenges posed by this unprecedented year, three schools worked for and earned STEM/STEAM designation today from the Ohio STEM Committee.

Today's newly designated STEM schools are:

·           Horizon Science Academy in Columbus

·           Marshall STEMM Academy in Toledo

·           Community STEAM Academy in Xenia

See the list of all OSLN designated STEM schools here:




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Please let me know of elementary STEM events, resources, or professional development opportunities that you would like to see in an upcoming edition of the STEM is Elementary newsletter!

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