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ITEEA's FREE Virtual Roundtables for September and Beyond!

September 08, 2021

Based on the wide popularity of Virtual Roundtables at its 2021 Conference, ITEEA has created a slate of topics that it hopes will further support the Integrative STEM Ed Community. Once (or more) each month, ITEEA will be offering an hour-long opportunity for the Technology and Engineering Education Community to discuss and explore specific topics online. Participation is free and anyone who registers for a particular topic can engage in the discussion. Each topic will have one or more hosts to help guide the discussion. Questions about each topic can be submitted in advance through the registration process.



SEPTEMBER 15 at 7:00pm EDT
ITEEA’s Council for Supervision and Leadership
Leaders from ITEEA’s Council for Supervision and Leadership will be able to answer questions about the Council and how professionals can gain a better understanding of how educational leadership is shaping a new generation of learners.
OCTOBER 13 at 7:00pm EDT
ITEEA’s Technology & Engineering Education Collegiate Council
Leaders from ITEEA’s Technology & Engineering Education Collegiate Council will lead a discussion about opportunities for undergrad students to participate in competitive events as well as how TEECA prepares them for a future career as technology and engineering education teachers.


Teaching STEM Education at the Elementary Level
Leaders from ITEEA’s Elementary STEM Council will be lead a discussion about best practices pertaining to STEM in the elementary grades.


The Power of Adaptive Technology Projects in the STEM Classroom.

Hear from REACH Challenge founders and former winners about how they inspire their students to use STEM skills for social good through adaptive technology projects in their classrooms.


For a full listing of all 2021-22 Roundtable Discussions, visit:


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