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Online CAD for Education

September 02, 2021

News - Sept21 - OnShapeOnshape’s cloud-native CAD can solve issues such as expensive hardware and installation requirements, the pain of grading, and the lofty price tag associated with traditional CAD programs. It brings all the elements of professional software into your classroom without all the baggage from file-based systems.

Onshape is professional-grade 3D CAD accessible from any device, anywhere, anytime. Built for teams, Onshape lets educators and students design together in real-time. Nothing to get in the way of design: no installing, saving, or syncing. Learn about the benefits of Onshape’s modern CAD platform and create your Onshape education account here.

Are you teaching STEM courses and looking for curriculum resources to directly support CAD in your classroom? Join our webinar “CAD Curriculum for Your K12 Classroom” hosted by PTC Education and Onshape on Sept. 16th at 3PM EDT to learn about the many resources available to help teachers be successful teaching CAD.  You will get to be the first to hear about a series of valuable new teacher resources coming from Onshape! You will also learn how the power of cloud-based CAD paired with top-notch curriculum can enhance student skills and collaboration in the classroom. As the school year kicks off and your schedule becomes busy we know it may be difficult to sneak away for this session, by registering for this webinar you are guaranteed to receive the recording. Sign up today here!