An Invitation from ITEEA's Council for Supervision and Leadership

September 08, 2021

ITEEA's Council for Supervision and Leadership is pleased to announce that membership in CSL is open to any educator who wishes to participate in educational leadership to shape a new generation of learners. We invite YOU to consider joining the council, participating in our activities, and joining in our leadership activities. By joining the CSL you can support your colleagues by gaining new skills and by sharing your leadership.

CSL is happy to share that this Fall, the Council is innovating to meet your needs with a focus on: leadership and mentorship, increased communication through social media, awards focused on recognizing outstanding leaders, increased opportunities for members to serve on committees and projects, and collaborative activities supportive of elementary educators, post-secondary leaders, state/chapter advisors of TSA and TEECA, and opportunities for the general ITEEA membership to gain professional knowledge and skills. Additionally, the CSL has developed a plan of work for 2021-22. Some new projects you can look for this year include:

ITEEA’s Roundtable Discussion: ITEEA’s Council for Supervision and Leadership to kick things off on September 15th at 7pm EDT! (Click for free registration)

  • A new mentor/mentee program
  • A newsletter
  • A monthly virtual leadership lessons series  
  • Awards and opportunities to recognize members
  • Increased social and media interaction through Facebook, Instagram, etc. Conference sessions planned to meet the professional knowledge of members Networking opportunities with leaders and colleague’s representative of student activities (TSA), college students and (TEECA) elementary, secondary, and post- secondary educators, and ITEEA leadership, and policymakers.
  • There is also a preconference Field Trip planned for CSL members (leaders like you) to meet with NASA at Kennedy Space Flight Center at ITEEA's 2022 Conference in Orlando.

Serving as the President for CSL this year, I am happy to share that it is a great pleasure for the steering committee, chairs, and planning team to serve you. Thank you for considering or renewing your membership in CSL. I am grateful for having an opportunity to lead leaders. I am even more grateful for you to take a moment and consider how you can join our council to begin your journey to grow your skills or share your talents. More detail about our council can be reviewed here! Should you have questions about the council, feel free to reach out to me or any of the great people who serve on the steering committee as an officer, chair, or member.  Have a great start to your school year! 

Mike Fitzgerald ITEEA-CSL President

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