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Call for Presentations: STEMathon 2022 - STEM Learning in a STEM World, Aug 4-5

April 05, 2022

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Are you an energetic and knowledgeable STEM educator hoping to present at this year’s STEMATHON conference? Consider submitting a proposal today! 


Who should present at STEMATHON 2022?

YOU! Classroom teachers, specialists, instructional coaches, technology integrators, school leaders, community members in the STEM field… we’re looking for educators and those passionate about STEM education willing to share their stories and experiences in STEM learning and who can offer attendees practical and inspirational classroom takeaways. 


Do I need to be a seasoned conference presenter?

No! Even if you have never presented at STEMATHON or other conferences, if you are passionate about STEM learning, you’re a great fit for hosting a session. So, wave goodbye to any imposter syndrome creeping in and understand that YOU would make a wonderful STEMATHON session facilitator!


What is this year’s conference theme?

“STEM Learning in a STEM World”


What topics or themes are you looking for?

Topics aligned with our theme that we hope to represent during the conference include:

  • STEM Career Readiness - Career Connections & Workforce Development
  • Equity in STEM
  • STEM & CS Integration & Curriculum Development
  • Partnerships for STEM Success
  • Creative Approaches for STEM & CS Learning
  • STEM Education Leadership & Change


How long are sessions? How will I be presenting?

Sessions are 50 minutes. The conference is held in person this year, at Lincoln IU12, New Oxford, PA. Sessions will be run in a hybrid format, allowing those who tune in virtually to Zoom into the rooms at IU12.


I’m so busy right now! When are proposals due?

You have plenty of time! Please submit a proposal by May 15, 2022.


What’s in it for me?

Fame, glory, a sense of self-accomplishment, and free STEMATHON registration for the primary presenter! 


STEMATHON 2022: STEM Learning in a STEM World is going to be a success, thanks to educators like you willing to share, teach, learn, and collaborate with one another. We look forward to reading through all of the exciting session proposals coming our way. Questions about presenting? Contact Karen Ditzler.



The STEMATHON Design Team


PS. Why are you still reading? Go fill out that Call for Presentations form!

PSS. Early bird registration news is coming SOON! 





Interested in sponsoring STEMATHON 2022?

Checkout our sponsorship page or contact Nicole Bond for details!


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