@ITEEAAppreciatesTeachers Wraps Up Teacher Appreciation Week

May 09, 2022

News - May22 - DrelickCongratulations to High Point Regional School Division Supervisor, Brian Drelick, on being randomly selected to win a $50 Amazon gift card after posting about his most memorable teachers using ITEEA's #ITEEAAppreciatesTeachers hashtag.

Drelick has had 20 years in education, both as as Supervisor of STEM (Science, Math, Technology, and Business) at High Point Regional High School and as a Technology & Engineering Education for 14 years.

Brian shared, "The impact of our teachers transcends grading, lesson plans, and testing. They create lifelong impacts on students that are often not even realized until after the final bell in June rings. One discussion, one class, or one experience with a special teacher has the potential to change lives, and it happens all over the country, all the time."