News Release: ITEEA Bylaws Changes to be Included on Upcoming Ballot for Member Vote


August 25, 2022

Reston, VA, August 25, 2022 —

News Release: ITEEA Bylaws Changes to be Included on Upcoming Ballot for Member Vote

RESTON, VA, August 25, 2022 - At its June 2022 meeting, ITEEA's Board of Directors voted on revisions to the ITEEA Bylaws, which were last revised in 2016. Approval of amendments to ITEEA’s Bylaws requires a membership vote. The proposed revisions will be included in ITEEA's annual Board of Directors ballot, which will be disseminated electronically in late September and must be returned no later than October 30, 2022. ITEEA’s current Bylaws state that proposed amendments must be presented to the voting membership in writing at least 30 days before a vote may occur. This news release serves as such notice.


The proposed revisions are mostly editorial and non-substantive, and members can review them in advance of receiving the ballot by clicking on the links below. A two-thirds majority of the members voting is required to pass the Bylaws change.


Below is a brief summary of the most notable proposed revisions endorsed by the Board:

  • Remove Museum members as a separate member category and offer membership to interested museums via Institutional Memberships.
  • Remove the constraints on membership dues amounts for each category of membership, enabling the Board of Directors to establish voting and nonvoting member dues in accordance with the financial needs of ITEEA.
  • Change the number of Directors on the Board to one per Council or Region, as compared to an explicit number of Directors, ensuring equitable Board representation should there by any changes to the number of Regions or Councils.
  • Remove the explicit listing of Committees and Journal Boards, enabling the Board of Directors to establish and discharge Committees and Journal Boards as necessary.
Revised Bylaws, Pending Approval - No Markup
Revised Bylaws, Pending Approval - With Markup


Thank you in advance for taking an active interest in your professional association. ITEEA counts on its members to help guide future leadership and direction. 


Questions can be addressed to or by calling 703-860-2100.