The LISTT: January 31, 2023

January 31, 2023

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This issue of STEM Connections is sponsored by Siemens. As a leader in engineering, manufacturing and digital software, Siemens wants to help you inspire students to explore the field of engineering and to learn how engineering impacts the world that we live in. Siemens empowers education by delivering standards-aligned, interdisciplinary learning resources designed with STEM educators in mind. We invite you to explore Hour of Engineering, a new online resource for middle-school educators to spark students’ interest in STEM, and it is completely free of charge. For additional information about Siemens resources for secondary school educators visit solid-edge-educator



TO DOLast Chance to Be a Part of ITEEA's 21st Century Leadership Academy


The Academy empowers dedicated educators to develop new knowledge and skills and become more effective leaders in the technology and engineering profession. Deadline: Tuesday, January 31, 2023. 



TO DO: Take Advantage of Reduced Registration Costs for Upcoming ITEEA Authorized Training Institute


ITEEA’s Authorized Training Institute (ATI) develops T&E leaders to become certified Authorized Teacher Effectiveness Coaches (ATECs) in Engineering byDesign course(s). Training takes place Friday, May 19 through Sunday, May 21.

ITEEA partnered on a proposal submitted to the Jefferson Trust at the University of Virginia that has been selected to receive funding to expand an Invention Laboratory program from proof-of-concept stages to a national, open-source curriculum.  



TO DOView Full Programming for ITEEA's 2023 Minneapolis Conference

The 2023 Conference is scheduled to take place April 12-15 and offers top-notch professional learning and networking opportunities for STEM Education professionals. 



TO DOView the Winners of ITEEA's 2022 Gerald Day Excellence in Authorship Awards.

The authors of three articles will be recognized and receive the Gerald Day Excellence in Authorship Award, which will be presented at ITEEA's 85th Annual Conference in Minneapolis, MN, April 12-15, 2023. | ITEEA |

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