The LISTT: February 21, 2023

February 21, 2023

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This issue of STEM Connections is sponsored by Siemens. As a leader in engineering, manufacturing and digital software, Siemens wants to help you inspire students to explore the field of engineering and to learn how engineering impacts the world that we live in. Siemens empowers education by delivering standards-aligned, interdisciplinary learning resources designed with STEM educators in mind. We invite you to explore Hour of Engineering, a new online resource for middle-school educators to spark students’ interest in STEM, and it is completely free of charge. For additional information about Siemens resources for secondary school educators visit

EWeek is a time to celebrate how engineers make a difference in our world, add your voice to the conversation about the need for engineers, technicians and technologists, and engage students in engineering. ITEEA is here to help!



TO DO: Get Inspired and Learn from Other Educators Shaping the Future of STEM Education


Don't miss a host of special events at ITEEA's 2023 Conference in Minneapolis, April 12-15. Take a deeper dive into topics important to your professional growth. 

In 2022, elementary students from around the world worked in small design teams to develop or modify a product or device that will assist children with limited mobility to fold their laundry. 



TO DOCatch Up on the Latest STEM Topics and Trends in the March issue of Technology and Engineering Teacher

With a spotlight on Authentic Assessment in STEM Education, the March issue also includes a look at ITEEA's 2023 "Leaders to Watch" as well as look at the year ahead with President-Elect, Dr. Charlie McLaughlin.



TO DO: Learn How YOU Can Teach EbD to Other Teachers


Learn how to leverage ITEEA’s Authorized Training Institute to empower you to help teach other teachers. You can share what you have discovered works and learn from other teachers. Thursday, March 23 at 5:00pm ET. FREE to ITEEA members. Register today! | ITEEA |

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