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ITEEA Announces Establishment of Chinese Center


July 19, 2016

Reston, VA, July 19, 2016 —

RESTON, VA, JULY 19, 2016 – Today ITEEA announced the establishment of an ITEEA Integrative STEM Center in Mainland China. The Center will operate under the direction of Dr. Jianju Gu, who represents a panel of technology education experts under the leadership of the Chinese Ministry of Education.

ITEEA’s International Center China will be centered at Nanjing Normal University (NNU) in Jiangsu Province, China. Nanjing Normal University is a comprehensive university and an established leader in educational research where Dr. Gu is the School of Technology and Engineering Curriculum Standards and Professor of Pedagogy.

The Center has been established primarily to provide curriculum and professional development opportunities, including training, for technology and engineering teachers in China.

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Initial groundwork for the Center occurred through the efforts of Dr. William Dugger, DTE, ITEEA Senior Fellow with assistance by Dr. Philip Reed, DTE, of Old Dominion University, through seeking and forming relationships with Chinese educators with a common goal of providing technological literacy for all students. Technology classes are compulsory for every secondary student in China. With this emphasis, ITEEA is well-positioned to provide support to schools in China to ensure that all students have the opportunity to become educated about technology through an Integrative STEM methodology.

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This fall, the Chinese Center will begin a program in which 200 schools in China will become Group Members within ITEEA. Every STEM teacher within these designated schools will receive benefits of an ITEEA International Membership, including complimentary journal subscriptions, discounts on conference registration and publications, eligibility for scholarships and awards, and online access to many “members-only” features on ITEEA’s newly redesigned website. More schools may be added at future dates. Any individual or school within Mainland China joining ITEEA will automatically become part of the ITEEA China Center with a unique profile.

Additionally, ITEEA and its China International Center will work together to develop a China-specific assessment instrument based on existing ITEEA Engineering byDesign (EbD) assessments, the NAEP TEL Framework, and ITEEA’s Standards for Technological Literacy (STL). ITEEA will support the implementation and resulting professional development efforts.

For more information on ITEEA’s International Center: China, contact ITEEA by phone: (703) 860-2100, email:, or visit the website at