Proclamation: ITEEA’s Position on the “T”&“E” of STEM


January 17, 2009

Steven A. Barbato DTE
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Senior Fellow
Reston, VA, USA, January 17, 2009 —

Whereas; Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematical (STEM) literacy is critical for the advancement of students to enter all careers of tomorrow, be it known that the (ITEEA) Internationa l Technology and Engineering >Educators Association believes that it is necessary for K-12 students to gain 21st Century knowledge, skills, and thinking abilities for the technological world.

ITEEA’s Board of Directors, on behalf of its membership proclaims that the delivery of STEM education content is closely a
ligned with the same core content as Standards for Technological Literacy. Furthermore, the goals of our content are essential for all students to achieve both academic and technological abilities in all career pathways and for future leadership in Technology, Innovation, Design, and Engineering.

Further, that the content contained within our standards is the foundation for students to develop 21st Century STEM literacy—the very core of abilities needed for students to become advanced problem solvers, innovators, technologists, engineers, and knowledgeable citizens. ITEEA believes that all true STEM programs must include Standards for Technological Literacy as a ladder to help students achieve STEM literacy.

Therefore, it is proclaimed that the Technology and Engineering within STEM is delivered by our content area. ITEEA and its
Standards for Technological Literacy continue to be supported by NASA, The National Academies of Science and Engineering, the National Science Foundation, and the National Assessment for Educational Progress. ITEEA believes our content and standards are the foundation through which students may achieve STEM literacy with the partnership of science and mathematics to help all students achieve 21st Century skills.

Approved by the ITEEA (ITEA) Board of Directors on January 17, 2009

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