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STEM Connections August, 2018

August 2, 2018 Volume 10, Issue 1

This issue of STEM Connections is sponsored by the Engineering for All Project. The Engineering for All (EfA) Project was funded by the National Science Foundation to create, test, and revise two six-week modules for middle school technology education classes on the important social contexts of food and water. The units are built on four "drivers" that underpin the Engineering for All approach. These include: ● Promoting the potential of engineering as a social good. ● Revisiting unifying engineering and technology themes (i.e., design, modeling, systems, resources, and human values) in authentic social contexts. ● Using design-based engineering activities as authentic contexts for teaching and learning STEM ideas and practices ● Using informed design as the core pedagogical methodology Learn more about EfA and all of the EbD course offerings by visiting the STEM Center for Teaching and Learning webpage (
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