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Report: Decoding the Digital Girl

February 13, 2019

Learn how girls are using their digital experiences to improve their lives, their communities, and the world. This research report explores how girls—and Girl Scouts—exhibit leadership in the digital world. 


There’s no question that girls today are growing up digital, with more access to the internet and online activities than ever before. And although there’s a good deal of information available about the devices kids in middle school and older are using and the websites they’re visiting, less is known with regard to younger kids and to girls exclusively—and still less about how girls or boys of any age are using their digital experiences specifically to improve their lives, their communities, and the world. To better understand the digital experiences of girls and their use of technology to lead in their own lives and beyond, the Girl Scout Research Institute conducted a national research study with nearly 2,900 girls and boys ages 5–17, as well as their parents.1 What we learned shows that many girls exhibit leadership in the digital space—an impressive number of them to a degree that, by the high standards of Girl Scouts of the USA, qualifies them as digital leaders.