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ITEEA's 21st Century Leadership Academy is now Accepting Applications for the Class of 2022-23

September 16, 2021

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For the past fourteen years the CTETE Leadership Development Committee has been administering the Twenty-First Century Leader Associates (TCLA) program. This initiative was developed to facilitate a sense of community and provide activities and resources for scholarly and professional development opportunities for groups of early career technology education faculty. The success of the TCLA program was recognized by the ITEEA board as they determined what course of action was needed to implement a leadership development component of the strategic plan for ITEEA. A decision was made to join efforts and develop a 21st Century Leadership Academy (21st CLA) with the support of the ITEEA Foundation and CTETE.

The aim of this program is to help technology and engineering educators gain additional skills to better deal with issues of performance, how systems and associations work, the role of finance in decision making, and how to merge ideas and ambitions in a positive manner. The 21st CLA program will provide a balance of practical and inspirational ideas to individuals who want to be leaders in the association and profession.

This is a program designed to create tomorrow's most successful and respected technology and engineering leaders, consultants, and strategic thinkers. This program incorporates knowledge and experiences from education leaders and other experts using practical and innovative advice on how leaders make a difference. Participants will be involved in important dialogue using the best wisdom from experts and practitioners across sectors.

This program is for the serious educator who wants to learn additional leadership skills to become a more effective leader in the technology and engineering profession. The program participant expectations are high and involvement in the profession after the formal program is required. The one year initial involvement in the program is only the beginning of an expectation for the participant to progress and practice their skills by leading others. One of the purposes of this program is to provide initial experiences to potential leaders so that they can evolve to become the next generation of leaders in the profession. Participants are expected to make this program a priority professional experience and actively participate in all planned activities.

It is our hope that participants set a goal of becoming a Distinguished Technology Educator (DTE). The DTE program requires a person to be an active leader in the field for a minimum of 10 years. This means that not only will participants receive professional development, but they will also be expected to be involved afterwards in association and professional development work.

Previous 21st Century Leadership Academy Cohorts

  • Must be an ITEEA member in good standing – 2 years minimum

Application process and list of expectations

Application for the 21st CLA program involves completing the nomination form and providing 2 letters of reference and a current resume or curriculum vitae. If accepted, participants are expected to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Attend a virtual introductory meeting during the 2022 ITEEA Annual Conference
  • Participate in nine monthly 21CLA online sessions. These meetings take place monthly on a selected weekday evening during March, April, May, September, October, November, December, January, and February
  • Travel to Washington, DC during the fall 21CLA DC Experience and participate in this 2-day event (expenses for this activity are sponsored by CTETE and the ITEEA Foundation)
  • Prepare a professional development portfolio for presentation at the 2023 ITEEA Annual Conference
  • Participate in developing a joint research presentation proposal for the 2023 ITEEA Annual Conference and if accepted, participate in the presentation
  • Attend 1-day pre-conference 21CLA activities and leadership workshop at the 2023 ITEEA Annual Conference
  • Attend a Friday morning Maley Spirit of Education Breakfast at the 2023 ITEEA Annual Conference
  • Attend a Friday evening 21st CLA dinner at the 2023 ITEEA Annual Conference.


21st Century Leadership Academy


Please complete this form to be considered as a nominee for the 2021 class of the 21st Century Leadership Academy by December 31, 2021. Submit along with 2 letters of reference and current resume or curriculum vitae to Roger Hill; Rivers Crossing Bldg. 209; 850 College Station Road; University of Georgia; Athens, GA 30602, email: (Note: PDF format submission preferred)