ITEEA The Elementary STEM Journal, Vol. 23, Issue 3
PublisherInternational Technology and Engineering Educators Association, Reston
ReleasedMarch 1, 2019
The Elementary STEM Journal, Volume 23, Issue 3 - March, 2019

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Editorial: Kansas City, Here We Come!


Bringing STEM TO LIFE: Essentials for Elementary STEM Education
Finding Balance Between Teaching, Learning, and Application

Kansas City, Here We Come! ITEEA_2019_Logo.png
by Virginia R. Jones

It is hard to believe we are fast approaching the 81st Annual Conference in Kansas City, Missouri on March 27-30, 2019. It is always a pleasure to meet with like-minded STEM educators and focus on how our passions in Technology and Engineering bring STEM to Life.  

As Elementary STEM educators, we appreciate the renewed focus on the importance of engaging students at the PreK level and throughout their educational pathway. Harnessing their creativity, quest for learning and exploring, and innate curiosity is vital for our young learners to engage with the joys and wonders of our natural and manmade world. This year an entire conference strand is focused on sharing our best practices through classroom instruction for students in Grades PreK-12 and beyond. How wonderful to have an opportunity to hear others discuss their practices in their elementary STEM classrooms as well as to listen to secondary educators and borrow or build upon their best practices to engage our elementary STEM learners in new and creative ways.

One of the most important events of the conference is when the ESC (Elementary STEM Council) meets and holds an open session for those who are passionate about promoting elementary STEM education. Be sure to join us for this meeting on Thursday, March 28 at 1:00pm in Pershing West in Kansas City.

This year the ESC is proud to announce a winner in the Grand Design Challenge. The response was overwhelming, and choosing one winner was difficult. The quality, depth, and variety of submissions proves that we are making a difference for our elementary learners. The excitement and engagement displayed in these submissions supports the need for continued high-quality STEM learning. You can see more information about the winners on page 2.

This month’s journal presents many best practice ideas including integrating robotics into the mathematic curriculum, stories of design to assist young learners in unpacking the engineering design process, along with our Books to Briefs article, and featured elementary STEM educator.

I look forward to seeing all of you at the conference and having a chance to meet and collaborate, continuing to bring STEM to life for elementary learners.


Virginia R. Jones, Ph.D., is co-field editor of The Elementary STEM Journal and Dean of Student Success and enrollment services at Patrick Henry Community College. She can be reached at